Traducción de farmhand en Español:


peón de labranza, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɑrmˌhænd//ˈfɑːmhand/


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    peón de labranza masculino
    mozo de labranza masculino España
    • On Monday, the farmhands were tested on their agricultural knowledge in a farmyard quiz.
    • I think some of the farmhands took to it quite well.
    • She could be at home, hunting with the youngest of her brothers, Allan, or helping the farmhands with the harvest, instead of trekking for weeks through the Middle Lands to attend a council she would not be asked to sit on.
    • New entrants are more likely than established farmers to have spent time as farmhands or hired farm managers prior to starting their own farms.
    • Among other things, during the time since I last spoke with Lea she has been a farmhand, become a qualified SCUBA diver, learnt to drive a tractor, learnt to drive a turbo diesel truck, and about a million other fun and fantastic things.
    • He also became concerned about spreading the disease when he visited farms as a freelance farmhand.
    • They find a job working as farmhands at the Tyler Ranch, harvesting barley.
    • Some young farmers and farmhands asked us what we did.
    • After a week's hard work as a farmhand up country in Australia he would return home at the weekends and get involved with the local Salvationists.
    • Back in England, Sam learnt that the original matchbox had been retrieved, 20 years after its loss, by a farmhand who had found it while ploughing a field that very morning.
    • After working as a farmhand, Fred married Mary and took over the family farm.
    • This is not their traditional business, but the successive drought and consequent crop failure have driven these farmhands to look for alternative employment.
    • Well, let's get rid of the farmhand and stop farming.
    • Sid and Joey are proud of the family history the farms portray, from the stately Westleigh bank barn to the handmade gate hinges and latches made from iron by a 1930s farmhand.
    • Judith came from a farming family; Ron's passion for farming came from regular visits to friends on a farm in his childhood and experience working as a farmhand.
    • I had come to the farm with dreams of sweating in the sun with a hoe in my hand, chucking bales of hay at burly farmhands while my daughter played in the clean earth, chasing after small wild creatures.
    • The farmhands needed wheat and new supplies in preparation for winter, and town visits were very rare.
    • Leona remembered one of the farmhands telling her that the crops were doing better than they had done for years.
    • For the next two decades, the draft remained a successful and relatively uncontroversial fixture of American life. Millions of young men, from farmhands to Harvard students, put in their two years of service.
    • This may be by helping out at a local practice for a couple of hours a week or even gaining experience as a farmhand or helping out during the lambing season.