Traducción de fast food en Español:

fast food

comida rápida, n.


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    comida rápida femenino
    • The tenters use washrooms at nearby fast-food restaurants and shower across the street at a drop-in centre.
    • Defying nutritionists, fast-food restaurants have started marketing monster meals.
    • Compared with Western fried chicken at fast-food chains, the coating is thinner but equally crispy.
    • She ignored their puzzled stares and left the fast-food restaurant as fast as she could.
    • I was driving around a fast-food restaurant in a dark-blue Ferrari, sitting on the car's roof.
    • There are fast-food establishments that serve rice and beans, and other local dishes.
    • Sweetened syrup is also sent directly to restaurants and fast-food chains where it is sold to the public as a fountain drink.
    • They sure can, just as a fast-food restaurant can refuse to serve fries to a customer sans shoes or shirt.
    • They liked late nights and most nights they ate pizzas at Lamare's fast-food restaurant in the French town.
    • A cameraman munching on a late night fast-food burger took a second to look up and yell over.
    • The absence of traffic lights, billboards and fast-food chains is obvious.
    • They also vandalized three fast-food restaurants by etching the glass.
    • Soft drink bottlers and fast-food chains frequently use games as a consumer promotion.
    • Shawn shouted loudly as they sat in a local fast-food restaurant.
    • I'm sure that no fast-food chain would recommend eating their food everyday.
    • They're omnipresent here and serve at least one of every two fast-food meals sold in the Philippines.
    • Her family has moved from Bradford to North Wales to make a fresh start and she is working in fast-food restaurants.
    • Finding yourself in a fast-food restaurant is no longer the end of the culinary world.
    • For four years she lived with her father, his fast-food diet and his series of new girlfriends.
    • Pizza and hamburgers are popular occasional meals and often are served at fast-food restaurants.