Traducción de fast reactor en Español:

fast reactor

reactor rápido, n.


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    reactor rápido masculino
    • An experimental fast reactor, built at Dounreay in the north of Scotland, began operation in 1959, and paved the way for the first fast-breeder reactor power station.
    • In fact it is proposed to turn it into more fuel which could power fast reactors for 1000 years.
    • The waste consists of 44 tonnes of ‘breeder’ fuel that was wrapped around the core of the Dounreay fast reactor, a prototype which was shut down in 1977.
    • For such a leap, the country needs ‘accelerated systems’ or fast reactors which utilise thorium.
    • But after the reactor was abandoned, it was shipped to Dounreay in the early 1990s to burn in the British prototype fast reactor.