Traducción de fathead en Español:


imbécil, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfathɛd//ˈfætˌhɛd/



  • 1

    imbécil masculino
    estúpido masculino
    estúpida femenino
    • I want to hear him read some scary fiction or corny old poetry, play his nose flute, then get us all to open our windows and shout, ‘Excelsior, you fatheads!’
    • It wasn't too long ago that the last place I would have expected to see him would be sitting in the hot seat beside that fathead, but things change.
    • Rather we need to constantly criticise their ideas and ours so we don't become fatheads.
    • What's there is a roaring, muralistic street scene peopled by fathead dreamers, mournful patriarchs, and shrill ideologues - the whole American carnival.
    • Oh, and really, I work all day to ensure that fatheads like you get to drive your stupid cars around and never have to walk an inch in your miserable lives.
    • This might be a good time to rethink your no-guns policy, fathead!
    • That thing you were sent is written by a fathead anyway.
    • Optimesse feels like real optimism and looks like real optimism, but it will never make you look like a fathead.
    • The most infamous are those fatheads who are barely in their train seat before announcing the fact loudly into their handset.
    • And it is selfishness like that which will crush socialism, you fathead!
    • Instead he's stoned with his fathead cousin throwing rotten eggs at luxury cars from an 11th floor balcony.
    • This manager apparently was a real fathead.
    • Why can't you understand what you're saying, you fathead!