Traducción de fattening en Español:


que engorda, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfat(ə)nɪŋ//ˈfætnɪŋ/


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    que engorda
    cakes are extremely fattening los pasteles engordan muchísimo / son muy engordantes
    • On offer are generous helpings of bacon, ham and other greasy, fattening fare - all the staples associated with traditional Anglo-American cuisine.
    • I read in the magazine that what makes bread fattening is the topping you put on it.
    • The North Indian liking for all things fat and fattening is well-known.
    • According to this story from, the new salad can be more fattening than the burgers!
    • The article speaks of ‘alcohol’ being fattening.
    • If I couldn't afford to spend as much money as I do, but also couldn't/didn't want to cook, I wouldn't really be able to avoid the really fattening stuff.
    • In fact you'd be likely to save money - no expensive fattening meals out, fewer bottles of wine and beer consumed, and as for chocolate…?
    • That's largely due to making convenient but fattening diet choices.
    • But others drink it as a less fattening alternative to cow's milk.
    • Therefore carbohydrates themselves really are not fattening.
    • I became vegetarian at about the age of 12, mostly because I found the idea of eating animals repulsive, but also to get me out of potentially fattening family and school dinners.
    • He describes insulin as ‘the fattening hormone’.
    • Although it hardly sounds appealing, the steak, Guinness and mushroom pie is very tasty, very filling and very fattening.
    • In practical terms, it is only the protein element of a fattening ration that is relevant; and the main ingredients we use in the UK are maize gluten and soya.
    • But hey, I'm sure it was less fattening than the jam doughnut milkshake I could have had.
    • For example, beer with chips or nuts is a fattening combination.
    • Potatoes are actually no more fattening than apples - it's how they're cooked and served that makes them fattening.
    • But it is on the question of buns that he becomes most hot and cross, arguing that councillors' reliance on fattening chocolate biscuits is a potential health hazard.
    • This North African courgette salad is a healthy alternative to hummus, using far less olive oil and missing out fattening tahini paste.
    • Fortunately our nice IT people made us a very fattening cake to welcome us to our new office.