Traducción de fatty en Español:


graso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfati//ˈfædi/

adjetivofattier, fattiest

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    (containing fat)
    (food/substance) graso
    (food/substance) grasoso América Latina
    • They believe fatty tissue produces hormones and products such as oestrogen and insulin which may promote tumour growth.
    • Although it's good to remember that it is far more beneficial to consume additional carbohydrates and less fatty foods whenever possible.
    • Contrary to popular belief, acne is not caused by eating fatty food or chocolate.
    • Our bodies are thought to have a built-in system to measure levels of a key protein, leptin, which is produced in fatty tissue.
    • This was before the National Health Service started and he was never told that eating fatty foods could cause cholesterol.
    • And snacks are no longer candy bars, chips and other fatty foods.
    • As Japanese have become fonder of fatty foods, fast-food chains and convenience stores have blanketed the country.
    • The steps include aerobic exercise, less fatty food, learning new skills and avoiding damaging free radicals.
    • Your diet should limit the amount of fatty and cholesterol-rich foods you eat.
    • She spends most of her time reading self-help books, eating vast amounts of fatty food and struggling against insomnia.
    • Lawyers are also looking at fat from a financial perspective, with lawsuits being considered for cases involving hidden fatty ingredients within food products.
    • Fat-soluble vitamins lodge in the fatty tissues of the body and can be stored there.
    • In stressful times, pregnant women are no different than the rest of us: they load up on carbohydrates, fatty foods, sweets and snacks.
    • The oils are then neutralized to remove free fatty acids which might give unwanted flavours.
    • Purge your diet of greasy, fatty foods, limit your sodium and up your daily water quotient to 8-10 glasses a day at least.
    • Mice lacking this protein can indulge in fatty food but remain as slim as mice on a lower-fat diet, a new study reports.
    • To do this, she recommends cutting out all refined, sweetened and junk foods and eating more fresh non-starchy vegetables and good quality protein and fatty foods.
    • Reducing the amount of fatty foods eaten prior to pregnancy is also a good bet, as that lessens exposure to persistent chemicals like PCBs and dioxin.
    • Among women, the extra fatty tissue produces an excess of the female hormone oestrogen.
    • Fatty, greasy, fried foods and fatty meats like hot dogs, beacon sausages, fish and chicken should be avoided at all costs just like butter, mayonnaise, salad dressings and other oils.
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    (tissue) adiposo
    • Liver transplantation has been necessary in patients with end-stage cirrhosis, but fatty liver disease may recur in the transplanted organ in some patients.
    • Cholesterol, which your body produces for building cells, is the main substance in fatty deposits that can develop in your arteries.
    • A common heart condition is coronary heart disease, in which fatty deposits gradually block the coronary arteries.
    • With the increasing incidence of obesity and diabetes in Western countries, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease has become a growing problem.
    • Chronic alcohol use may result in fatty liver, hepatitis, and cirrhosis, with varying levels of jaundice.

nombrePlural fatties


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    gordito masculino coloquial
    gordita femenino coloquial
    (as form of address) gordi coloquial
    (as form of address) gordis México coloquial
    • I always thought that obsessing about weight was for wimps and fatties.
    • Faced with a Europe of fatties, governments across the EU are dithering in the face of pressure from multinational companies.
    • Best to do nothing at all and let the fatties figure things out for themselves.
    • I can't wait to see those fatties… it's funny because they're morbidly obese.
    • It's only a matter of time before societal ills, unhappy marriages, unsightly fatties and the concerns about those concerns, are a thing of the past.
    • Sure, some fatties are fat for reasons they can not control (bad thyroid, mental illness of some sort, etc).
    • Blaming others for our own poor financial choices is like the fatties that eat too much and exercise too little.
    • Turns out the best way to get fatties, drunks and tar-breaths to improve their lifestyle is to get them on television and humiliate them.
    • It will be a gorgeous day when these fatties are finally nabbed.
    • Worse, we are breeding another generation of potential fatties by allowing our children to eat too much, without enough competitive sport in case they fail and get upset.
    • But they are by no means the worst fatties in Europe.
    • I was a bit further up than last year, I think before I was in the back with the fatties and that made it hard to get going.
    • He offers this advice to fatties on his website.
    • But the truth is that, despite 20 years' experience telling me that January in the gym is for part-timers who'll all be gone by February, I'm in there with the fatties.
    • Watch for the mean spirited and endless gags about fatties, boyish girls, overweight Hawaiians etc, etc.
    • Hmmm, maybe there's a use after all for the hordes of obese fatties that the media is on about.
    • Can't the big fatties just use their brains to talk people down and calm situations?
    • The occasional young face was apparent among the baldies and fatties.