Traducción de fatwa en Español:


fatwa, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfætwɑ//ˈfatwɑː/


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    fatwa femenino
    to issue a fatwa against sb emitir / dictar una fatwa contra algn
    • His fatwas or rulings are for the most part advisory, and tend to address more abstract issues.
    • Its Islamic fundamentalist allies launched a campaign in February against a high court decision outlawing Islamic religious edicts, or fatwas, against women.
    • The Association of Muslim Scholars issues fatwas calling Iraqi security forces ‘apostates’ because ‘Iraqis should not be fighting Iraqis under the occupation’.
    • Back then, Sunnis obeyed fatwas by clerics to boycott the vote.
    • At the same time, 64 Sunni clerics gave a fatwa that for Iraqis to join the military and police is permitted.
    • But they should intervene with fatwas or rulings when legislation arises that affects Islamic issues.
    • The practice of the Sahaba and the fatwa of all these luminaries is sufficient to establish karahat.
    • The first of these fatwas deals with the issue of inter-marriage between Shias and Sunnis.
    • He wrote a fatwa on this and gave me the original paper, while keeping a photocopy for his records.
    • The proclamation, which took the form of a fatwa, was endorsed by religious leaders throughout the Sultan's dominions.
    • In a worst case scenario, Shiite judges could use this paragraph to allow the Grand Ayatollah's fatwas to over-rule secular legislation.
    • Anyone opposed to the GlA fatwas, even other Islamist rebels, was considered a heretic.
    • As a former academic lawyer, I've been enjoying reading various fatwas and religious rulings over the last few months.