Traducción de fear en Español:


miedo, n.

Pronunciación /fɪə//ˈfɪr/


  • 1

    miedo masculino
    temor masculino
    she knows no fear no sabe lo que es el miedo
    • fear of death/heights miedo a la muerte/las alturas
    • fear of falling/flying miedo de / a caerse/volar
    • her fears proved to be unfounded sus temores resultaron ser infundados
    • plagued by doubt(s) and fear(s) lleno de dudas y temores
    • my worst fears came true pasó lo que más me temía
    • fear for sb/sth
    • her fear s for her children/safety were understandable era comprensible que tuviera miedo por sus hijos/su seguridad
    • fears for the missing climbers are growing se teme cada vez más por la vida de los montañistas desaparecidos
    • in fear and trembling atemorizado
    • Airport officials are being invited to a meeting in Burley-in-Wharfedale amid fears about the safety of aircraft flying over the area.
    • Some are working up to 72-hour weekends, sparking fears about their safety.
    • The FA says the discrepancy arose due to fears about safety.
    • A source close to the star told the paper: "He is in real fear for his life."
    • He does, however, see an opportunity for brands to provide consumers with comfort and relief from the anxieties caused by safety fears.
    • That means passengers face further chaos and safety fears.
    • Families spoke of their own fears about the safety of their own children.
    • The union insists the dispute concerns health and safety fears.
    • The traffic commissioner's inquiry slashed the company's operating licence from 35 buses to 25 because of safety fears.
    • He said research showed that the physical environment in which people live had a direct impact upon fears and concerns about their safety.
    • An absence of staff and police officers, lighting problems and limited use of security cameras have been identified as some of the factors behind safety fears.
    • All the UK stores are temporarily closed amid safety fears.
    • Their supporters have repeatedly expressed fears for their safety as long as they remain in Colombia.
    • He had recently expressed fears for his safety.
    • Proposals for massive wind turbines at Felliscliffe have been rejected amid fears about aircraft safety.
    • A planning inspector has given the go-ahead for the site of a former jam factory at Easterton to be developed, despite fears over safety.
    • The RAF team cancelled their display due to safety fears, leaving thousands of spectators angry and disappointed.
    • But that is not enough to quash parental fears about its safety.
    • When the original pilots voted to withdraw their services amid fears over river safety, their contracts ran out during the strike.
    • The newspapers have been responsibly restrained in their editorials which reflect the growing fears and safety concerns of the citizenry.
  • 2

    (risk, chance, likelihood)
    there's little fear of me getting caught hay muy pocas posibilidades de que me agarren
    • there's no fear of that happening no hay peligro de que eso ocurra
    • And many fear what will happen to their children if the option of simply closing the school is pursued.
    • Having decided to remain here, it makes no sense that I walk around and live in total fear of what could happen to me.
    • All the time I'm either in fear of what will happen, or I think I ought to be afraid, but this morning I felt strong and resolute.
    • The pit of my stomach had an odd feeling of excitement mixed with fear of what was happening between Raleigh and me.
    • Now all he felt like doing was whimpering in panic and fear of what would happen if his family ever found him.
    • She had not wanted to stop kissing him, in fear of what would happen afterwards.
    • And what's the thing you most fear happening to man, with technology?
    • Because of the history, there is a lot of fear of what may happen.
    • I do fear what will happen when it is found out who committed this act - military action probably will follow.
    • The creeping fear of what might happen next is influencing public opinion even in the American heartlands.
    • A fear of the risk in making significant investment in automated applications is putting off many companies which could benefit.
    • Is it right for society to live in fear and risk the chance of another murder?
    • Darren didn't say anything as he shivered from the cold and from his fear of what would happen to him now.
    • Their fear of what might happen made them hesitate, only for a second, but it was enough.
    • I only fear what may happen if drivers do find Crossborough Hill a cheaper means of parking.
    • I did not pull out the money in fear of what might happen if I did dare do so.
    • These words express fear of the possibility of a destructive risk that lurks in poetry.
    • He collapsed to the floor and Cain stood there; frozen in fear at what was happening next.
    • Walking into the room he was confused and overcome with fear of what might happen.
    • I have a terrible fear of loss, I have a terrible fear of the unexpected happening.
  • 3

    temor masculino
    the fear of God el temor de Dios
    • At the centre of it all is a shallow self-centred consumerism, coupled with a debilitating absence of fear and reverence for God.
    • The Table is a place of feasting and refreshment, but also a place of mystery tinged with reverent fear.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(be afraid of, dread)

      (death/person/consequences) temer
      (person/consequences/death) tenerle miedo a
      to fear the worst temer(se) lo peor
      • we fear that she might be seriously hurt tememos que esté gravemente herida
      • he was feared dead se temía que hubiera muerto
      • you have/there is nothing to fear no tienes/no hay nada que temer
      • He is reported to have said last April that farmers feared vaccination would destroy the home market for their meat.
      • Some feared the dangerous ideas that might result from so many women confined in a large building.
      • He explains that men see the world as a dangerous place and fear other men.
      • For a society which so worships youth and health and so fears disease and death, nothing could be more existentially devastating than the death of a child.
      • Police fear violence is likely in station cells as inmate overcrowding worsens.
      • I wouldn't mind death, so I could escape my tormentors here, but I fear the painful ways of dying the men here invent.
      • Economists fear unemployment is likely to persist for longer than in previous recessions.
      • It prompted calls for Government help from Yorkshire farmers who feared losses running into tens of thousands of pounds.
      • Maybe that guy who fears snakes is just afraid of the image of the snake - the forked tongue, the rattling tail, the evilness inherent in the creature.
      • When the person it was addressed to opened it, he feared it was dangerous and police were called in.
      • Her owners are now calling for dog walkers to put muzzles on dangerous pets, fearing a child could be injured.
      • Terror is the causing of large numbers of people to fear sudden violence and death.
      • Farmers fear it will lead to large-scale instability and grower losses in the industry.
      • Farmers fear huge losses as cracks have surfaced in the fields where paddy was sown recently.
      • There had been a great burden on me all my life, to hold back, to fear death, to fear pain.
      • Arable farmers who feared their crops would be washed away by continual downpours this time last year are now praying for rain.
      • The son of a man sentenced to death fears his life may also be in danger unless he is granted asylum.
      • They are likely to fear that federalism might lead to secession.
      • Far more people fear snakes than are likely to find themselves in the presence of their slippery scales.
      • Police today told how they feared a dangerous gang of muggers may strike again if they are not caught soon.

    • 1.2(think, suspect)

      to fear (that) temerse que
      • I fear we've lost our way (mucho) me temo que nos hemos perdido
      • it's feared he may have been murdered se teme que lo hayan asesinado
      • I fear so/not me temo que sí/no

  • 2arcaico

    (god) temer
    • As a result of this decision, he was to be lastingly estranged from his God-fearing mother, who regarded everything to do with the stage as sinful.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to fear for sb/sth temer por algn/algo
    • he fears for his children/life teme por sus hijos/su vida