Traducción de feast en español:


banquete, n.

Pronunciación: /fiːst//fist/


  • 1

    • 1.1(banquet)

      banquete masculino
      festín masculino
      • Speaking of food, the daily supper feasts were a copious spread of enormous proportion.
      • The profane-sounding name simply mirrors the character of the adjacent area used for various purposes, among other things joyful cult celebrations attended by ritual dances and feasts.
      • There was even a nice crop of berries and some fruit trees nearby and they had quite the feast for their meal.
      • The wedding feast is the highpoint of any marriage function.
      • We collect donations and the leftovers of wedding feasts and feed the poor.
      • On weekends, they prepare earth ovens and bake food for the evening meal and a Sunday feast.
      • On the same night that the game's elite were tucking into a feast at the champions dinner, here was Daly selling merchandise over the counter of his ramshackle trailer.
      • He also wishes to extend to you an invitation to dine with him at a feast of dancing and delights.
      • The party sat around the table, eating the celebration feast.
      • The peppers' smoky-sweet flavor makes a satisfying feast out of any meal.
      • Traditional elements of the festival, including the gourmet dinner, restaurant meal deals and roving feasts, will remain.
      • Great battles were fought and important conferences were planned, pacts signed, and feasts and religious ceremonies celebrated in its shade.
      • It was a must at wedding feasts, despite the various dals, since, unlike the oily and rich dishes, it soothed the stomach.
      • The guests had gathered to enjoy a rich meal, celebrating the first day of the wedding feast.
      • At wedding celebrations and religious feasts, coffee is drunk.
      • Most feasts and celebrations have religious aspects.
      • Medieval banquets, Viking feasts, dinner parties, wedding ceremonies, conferences and exhibitions: you name it, this venue can do it.
      • Collins was reported to have chosen the head chef at the hotel, John Williams, to prepare the wedding feast.
      • Gawain called the meal a feast, but his hosts brushed off the compliment, saying the next meal would be better.
      • Again there is a religious ceremony and a feast.

    • 1.2(abundance)

      a feast of colors un derroche de color(es)
      • a feast of entertainment un sinfín de diversiones
      • it's either feast or famine no hay término medio

  • 2

    fiesta femenino
    the Feast of Corpus Christi el día de Corpus (Christi)

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to feast on sth darse un festín de algo

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to feast oneself on sth darse un festín de algo
    • to feast one's eyes ( on sth) regalarse los ojos / la vista ( con algo)