Traducción de feather en Español:


pluma, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɛðə//ˈfɛðər/


  • 1

    (on bird) pluma femenino
    (on arrow, dart) pluma femenino
    you could have knocked me down / over with a feather casi me caigo de espaldas
    • before noun feather bed colchón de plumas
    • Some dinosaurs are known to have had long tail plumes and large feathers on the backs of their hands - not for flight, but perhaps for display of some kind.
    • Found in 1877 and now on display at the Museum of Natural History in Berlin, the fossil bird had unusually long feathers around its legs.
    • Primary wing feathers create the flight surface, thus allowing birds to fly.
    • But the creature's most unusual feature was a set of long, asymmetric feathers with hooked barbs on its hind limbs and forelimbs.
    • I admired the apple green plumage on its chest that flowed into the fiery orange tail feathers and wing feathers.
    • Scientists theorize that birds could use toxins in their feathers and skin to ward off parasites and insects.
    • A number of hypotheses have been suggested for the origin of birds and feathers.
    • Geoffrey Hill, a biologist at Auburn University in Alabama, studies coloring in bird feathers.
    • Clean feathers allow birds to use their power of flight to forage for food, escape predators, and maybe just have some fun.
    • Air rushing over the birds' feathers produces turbulence.
    • Her dream was all but forgotten as she looked up into the trees, trying to find the owner of the feather.
    • A natural but erroneous conclusion would be that oil is needed on the bird's skin and feathers.
    • The birds also use barbed wire, snake skin, feathers and bone as nest materials.
    • One stray feather sat mournfully closer to the door.
    • Besides having forelimbs that resemble the wings of modern birds, the animal sported long feathers from thigh to foot on each hind limb.
    • He suddenly reached into the pocket of his pants and took out a long speckled feather.
    • When the color of the landscape changes, females shed their white plumage as brown replacement feathers grow in.
    • He realized that they were coming from his bathroom and he opened the door slowly to see that the window was open and there was a big, black feather on the floor.
    • How am I supposed to tell them from any other feather?
    • ‘Although, if you do have a nice stiff turkey feather, that'd be good,’ he said.

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  • 1

    • 1.1

      (arrow/dart) emplumar
      (dart/arrow) ponerle plumas a

    • 1.2feathered past participle

      con plumas

  • 2

    (in rowing)
    (oar/blade) poner horizontal
    • The others, even the ones who had never rowed before this day, feathered their oars like pros and smiled like kids in the candy store.
    • Flames were roaring out of the left nacelle as Hart pulled the fire bottles, yanked the throttle back, and feathered the prop.
    • Orbiting over the airport, he undertook a series of flight tests which included stalls, feathering and restarting each engine, and a beat-up on the field.