Traducción de feeding bottle en Español:

feeding bottle

biberón, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfiːdɪŋ ˌbɒt(ə)l//ˈfidɪŋ ˌbɑdl/



  • 1

    biberón masculino
    mamadera femenino Cono Sur Perú
    tetero masculino Venezuela Colombia
    • The feeding bottle plays the opposite role of breast milk.
    • Some had feeding bottles in their mouth, and some were making gurgling noises.
    • Goodness knows how my generation managed with two toddlers and a small bag containing spare nappy/panties cream and feeding bottle.
    • Bjorn measures milk powder and water into a feeding bottle.
    • The code seeks to protect breastfeeding by preventing inappropriate marketing of breast-milk substitutes, feeding bottles, soothers, and complimentary foods when used to replace breast milk.
    • Check that the hole in the teat of the baby's feeding bottle is not too small, resulting in his gulping air.
    • Diana asked and moments later, a warm feeding bottle full of baby formula was handed to her by Becky.
    • Describing the orphanage, the insider added, ‘At the moment it is very basic and simple things like feeding bottles and bedding are lacking.’
    • It is a multi-purpose machine used to sterilize babies' feeding bottles, boil eggs, vegetables or milk, make instant soup or even clean jewellery to restore its past glory.