Traducción de ferret en Español:


hurón, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɛrət//ˈfɛrɪt/


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    hurón masculino

verbo intransitivo

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    • The actual story is fairly clichéd, and the final twist can be easily ferreted out by observant viewers, but the fun in The Ghost is in getting there.
    • When the food supplies dwindled, they ferreted around for root vegetables, insects and anything else that can be eaten.
    • This is not the way search engines work right now, where they generally search for phrases or words in the entire content of the pages they can see, ferreting around in more of a rummage than a skilled and honed inquiry.
    • Katherine and Kyla ferreted around the racks looking for good clothes.
    • As if any time spent by reporters ferreting out the truth - and by Congress overseeing - would otherwise be spent tossing sandbags on the levee, disinfecting the Superdome, or driving evacuees to Houston.
    • So the issues don't get driven by the elected officials inside the institution, and I think that's one of the reasons that the press doesn't necessarily ferret them out.
    • There's the Smoking Gun, which ferrets around to find court documents and police mugshots relating to major, usually celebrity-related cases.
    • But Sid wasn't really the type that offered up information easily, preferring to have his barmates ferret it out of him.
    • An avalanche forecaster ferrets out a dangerous weakness in the snowpack with the shovel shear test.
    • Mr Smith then visited Saudi Arabia twice trying to ferret the truth out of the authorities.
    • I had ferreted around my closet for a CD that seemed mildly interesting to me, since most of my music was on my laptop, and I was disgusted with the failed search.
    • Each day he and his small team ferret out the wholesale price of produce, a difficult task, given that transactions between producers and wholesalers aren't disclosed and prices aren't displayed.
    • Rather than analyse the dust of previous centuries, Ferriter ferrets out the more obvious origins of the world we inhabit.
    • The media generally ignore them - and only the most motivated consumers ferret out the facts about what ought to be as natural as a walk in the garden.
    • The team ferreting out information on Grace Kelly is, in the words of one Enquirer reporter, the ‘best investigative team of journalists anybody had seen for a century.’
    • The good folks at the American Physical Society have noticed this, and have even initiated a contest to help ferret out the reason for the equation's appearance.
    • On behalf of the ordinary reader, you feel he will ferret out the truth if anyone can.
    • Goldman ferrets through the dirty laundry of the movie business and examines the stains (including his own) with forensic detail.
    • He was ferreting around for his cash when one of them allegedly spotted a bobby on patrol, and as he made himself look inconspicuous they swapped the laptop case for another.
    • Bourne ferrets ceaselessly away through all this, uncloseting all sorts of complex CIA skeletons that would - and did - take a thick Robert Ludlum novel to detail.
    • They had a cleaning lady come and clean most of the time, and Sara was always ferreting around, trying to make the house look like an interior designing magazine, which again made me mad.
    • What we don't need is a witch hunt against the American people, ferreting through their private lives or detaining them because of their ethnicity.
    • Media organizations, having decided that Levy's disappearance is a major story, should explore every lead to ferret out the truth.
    • As Abberline ferrets out evidence, he discovers a method to the murderer's madness, and far-reaching implications that could topple Queen Victoria's throne.
    • I looked down at the little ashtray on his gold coloured hostess trolley, two lonely pound coins looked back up at me, so i ferreted around in my pocket for something smaller.
    • Even if you don't like the story, you have to respect his sheer investigative skill in ferreting it out.
    • Two grown adults ferreting among the shrubbery, shaking various boxes of favourite food and calling daft pet names into the darkness… to no avail.
    • And everybody knows that they do it, and you try to ferret it out, because we're supposed to try to find things based upon the truth.
    • Directors always see something in you that you have to kind of ferret out, in a way.
    • Usually, the prices it ferrets out are cheaper than if you book through the hotel itself.
    • But one night, a woolly-hatted youth ferreted around in the skip and extracted the ancient rucksack.
    • But the more answers the couple have ferreted out, the more questions are raised.
    • If there's a story that has any connection with the Super Bowl, it will be ferreted out by 3,000 newspaper, radio and TV people.
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    to go ferreting huronear
    • I just ferreted this hole as I wanted to find out where all the bolt holes were before I gassed it, and as I had the nets in my pocket I thought ...why not!
    • James has kindly offered to induct me into the wiles and ways of the shooting gent, starting with an invitation to go ferreting for rabbits.
    • We ferreted several warrens, and thus several breeding groups, in each capture area.
    • Their excuse, said Mr Evans, was that they were visiting Cumbria for rabbiting and ferreting - an implausible explanation at a time when people were not allowed on to farmland because of the foot-and-mouth epidemic.