Traducción de fiber en español:


fibra, n.

(British fibre)

Pronunciación: /ˈfaɪbər//ˈfʌɪbə/


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    • 1.1(thread)

      fibra femenino
      • Felt fabric is a compact sheet of entangled, not woven wool, fur, sometimes cotton fibers.
      • A rope is a ply of natural threads or synthetic fibers.
      • The original focus industries were pottery, sericulture, carpentry, textiles, coconut fiber, and woven mats.
      • It is also the most stain resistant because unlike wool, its fibers do not accept dyes and colors easily.
      • Because they are composed of vegetable fibers, EcoDragon's sandals can be composted once they're worn out.
      • Blankets, in the form of batts or rolls, are flexible products made from mineral fibers.
      • Jute is a vegetable fiber cultivated in China, India, Pakistan, and other south Asia countries.
      • Until the 19th cent. wool fibres dominated knitting but other textile fibres came into use.
      • The EPCH also plans to include a complete product group of floor coverings made of natural fibres including coir, jute, cotton, silk and wool.
      • Hot glass fibers for insulation and nylon fibers for textiles are extruded through platinum sieves.
      • The asbestos fibres got stuck in the hand-knitted socks and jumpers.
      • Vegetable fibers were used by ancient man for fishing and trapping.
      • This superfine cloth comes from our own traditional handlooms woven out of natural fibres like cotton, linen, silk, wool, jute, etc. and soaked in natural dyes.
      • Coir is a natural fibre made from coconuts and used for matting, screening, baskets and other products.
      • A buff is made from a non-woven fabric where the fibers are first carded and formed into a fairly thick fleece.
      • Fabric wallpaper are usually made of cotton, linen, or other natural plant fibers, such as grass cloth, hemp, or burlap.
      • Hats, mats, hammocks, and baskets are made with different types of cane and reed as well as fibers from the maguey cactus.
      • While wool is excellent at hiding dirt, any dirt that does become embedded in the carpet is prone to damage the fibers by abrasion.
      • They use acid-free paper made from cotton, which is much more durable than paper made from wood because the cotton fibers are much longer.
      • With its qualities of strength and texture, and the ability to be dyed in vibrant colours, silk proved an unequalled fibre for textile production.

    • 1.2(cloth)

      fibra (textil) femenino
      man-made / synthetic fiber fibra sintética
      • Sweeney prints mainly on silk, but also onto linen, cotton and other natural fibres.
      • Wear clothes that are made from natural fibres like cotton, linen and silk; they allow your skin to breathe.
      • Natural fibres such as cotton and wool can usually be washed and worn repeatedly and are always a safe bet, whereas embroidered pieces and handmade garments are treasures and should be treated with respect.
      • The thing to keep in mind is that your fabric must be a natural fiber: cotton, rayon, silk, or linen.
      • Natural fibres like cotton and wool can usually be washed and worn repeatedly and are always a safe bet.
      • Floral prints in combination with light, natural fibres like chiffon, silk and linen underscore this young and natural look.
      • Natural fibres in cool lightweight fabrics, teamed with slightly shaped shirts to skim the body's contours, will be de rigueur.
      • Opt for cotton, linen and other natural fibers that help absorb moisture and allow your body to breathe.
      • In general, if the ash is soft and the odor is of burning hair or paper, the fabric is a natural fiber.
      • It is possible to dye a natural fiber like pashmina, but there is no guarantee to the outcome, either in color or texture.
      • Merino Wool is a natural fiber that absorbs 10 times more moisture than synthetics, and it does not hold odor.
      • The child should wear layered natural fibers and wool socks, weather permitting.
      • They work in a variety of disciplines including ceramics, fibres, glass, mirror design, jewellery and photography.
      • Both fabrics wick perspiration away from your skin while natural fibers like cotton and wool tend to get damp and clammy with sweat.

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    • 2.1Anatomía

      fibra femenino
      muscle/nerve fiber fibra muscular/nerviosa
      • with every fiber of her being con todo su ser
      • The muscle fibers in the mucosal muscular layer are also longitudinal, oriented along the axis of the cylindrical organ.
      • Heat alters the fibres of connective tissue, initially by making them shorter and thicker, and then by altering the structure.
      • At early stages of development, single muscle fibers are innervated by axon terminals from several different motor neurons.
      • Individual muscle fibers may be innervated by one or both of the excitatory neurons, and generally receive inhibitory input as well.
      • My rheumatologist thought I might have torn muscle fibers in the latissimus dorsi and tried an injection of triamcinolone.
      • Usually, leiomyosarcomas originate from the renal capsule, muscle fibers in the renal pelvis, or the walls of renal vessels.
      • Acetylcholine acts as a transmitter between motor nerves and the fibres of skeletal muscle at all neuromuscular junctions.
      • The skin of D. holocanthus is highly elastic because of microfolds in the epidermis and collagen fibers of the dermis.
      • Other structures, such as connective tissue fibers and neuroglia, may be impregnated.
      • It was defined as the most distal part of the muscle in which tendon fibers could be visualized.
      • Unlike many body tissues, nerve cells and fibers in the central nervous system cannot regenerate.
      • Most simply, muscle fibers activated by the nervous system produce tensile forces that are transmitted to the skeleton.
      • Its fibers are found in connective tissue, including skin, bone, ligaments, and cartilage.
      • The basic functional unit of muscle is the motor unit, which consists of a motoneuron and the muscle fibers that it innervates.
      • Striated skeletal muscle fibers vary in length between 2 and 25 cm, depending upon the muscle.
      • Huge masses of them are scattered also between the adjacent striated muscle fibers.
      • Muscle biopsies were freed of connective tissue and muscle fibers were isolated.
      • Loose connective tissue consists of fibers running in all directions through a semifluid matrix.
      • The middle trapezius muscle fibers, although strong, lie very close to the axis of rotation of the scapula.
      • A motor unit is made up of a single nerve axon and the muscle fibers it supplies.

    • 2.2(firmness)

      fibra femenino
      carácter masculino
      he has no (moral) fiber no tiene fibra / carácter
      • His lack of moral fibre and intellectual courage are two of his shortcomings that infuriate the most.
      • ‘We [viz fat people] are normally considered to be lazy, slobbish and lacking in moral fibre,’ she declares.
      • People that live on the streets do not necessarily lack moral fibre.
      • But in the very same essay, Macaulay supposes Bacon the man to be thoroughly deceitful, self-seeking, and lacking in moral fibre.
      • It is also intended, no doubt, to contrast British efficiency and moral fibre with Spanish and Portuguese fecklessness.
      • The strength has to be in the moral fibre of a people, and that sort of strength enables one to provide moral leadership in the world.
      • It all makes me feel rather sorry for men: as if being present at the birth has become some sort of test of moral fibre.
      • That moral fibre will defeat the fanaticism of these terrorists and their supporters.
      • Only those with inordinate levels of moral fibre can visit the venue during those first couple of weeks in April and return with their former principles intact.
      • His weak moral fibre, mixed with his genuine desire to help Kathy, does nothing but tear the fabric of both her life and Behrani's.
      • He practices his speech on moral fibre that should land him a scholarship to a prestigious university, while darting envious glances at his partying schoolmates.
      • Well I like France, at present they have slightly more moral fibre than the British Government (not a huge challenge, admittedly).
      • This is so because some drugs that are being abused are not only dangerous but pose a very serious threat to life and society's moral fibre.
      • His flying was initially hampered by a rugby injury and when he reported the injury he was suspected of having a lack of moral fibre.
      • Because while we may find a snippet of moral fibre here and detect evidence of it there, somehow it seems to be far less plentiful these days.
      • Medical research into the drug came to an abrupt end in the mid-1960s when LSD hit the headlines as hazardous to health and a looming shadow over society's moral fibre.
      • After all, your elders are of a stronger moral fibre, having been tested in life.
      • But the logical spin-off of the celebrity chef has been the celebration of cooking, an activity in which new moral fibre is being endlessly invested.
      • Alarmed by the decline of empire, he determined to instil moral fibre and intrepid ways into lads who, as well as contributing to civic good, might somehow keep the colonial flag flying.
      • We can't be having people of poor moral fibre now, can we.

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    • 3.1Botánica

      fibra femenino

    • 3.2(in food)

      fibra femenino
      a high fiber diet una dieta rica en fibra
      • The complex carbohydrates and fiber in whole wheat slow the release of blood sugar, providing steady energy.
      • It is what is lacking in our food - the vitamins, minerals, fibre, phytochemicals and micro-nutrients in a plant-based diet - that counts.
      • Yes, a ruminant couldn't live on roughage without the bugs, because these digest the tough cellulose fibre in the plants the animals eat.
      • Besides soy protein, the yogurts include added fiber and vitamins C and D and are lactose reduced.
      • In addition, they contain large amounts of soluble fiber, including pectin that helps to lower cholesterol.
      • Net impact carbs result from replacing wheat flour with soy flour or adding fiber, sugar alcohols or fat.
      • High consumption of dietary fiber regulates blood sugar levels, reduces cholesterol and can prevent heart disease and cancer.
      • Sprouts are an excellent source of digestible protein, fibre, and Vitamin C, and are full of antioxidants.
      • As pears are dense, they are also a good source of fibre and pectin.
      • Previous studies have indicated that soybean protein and dietary fiber reduces cholesterol and improves insulin resistance.
      • And a kind of fiber in apples called pectin reduces cholesterol and helps maintain steady blood sugar levels.
      • They are high in fibre and a substance called pectin, both of which may help to control cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.
      • Salad leaves are rich in a range of nutrients including fibre, folate and so-called carotenoids such as alphacarotene, lutein and zeaxanthin.
      • Actual plant starches contain a certain amount of cellulose, another carbohydrate which is not digested by humans but supplies essential dietary fibre.
      • Dry beans, peas, and lentils offer protein and fiber without the cholesterol and fat that meats have.
      • Made out of lentils, beans and spices, these little balls are rich in fibre and protein.
      • It is a rich source of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, amino acids, minerals, sterols, and fatty acids.
      • Protein, fat and fiber keep blood sugar levels more even and help keep such cravings under control.
      • Dietary fibre consists of plant material such as cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin, polysaccharides, gums, mucilage and lignin.
      • Each recipe is analyzed for calcium but also for calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, sodium, and magnesium.