Traducción de field en español:


campo, n.

Pronunciación: /fild//fiːld/


  • 1

    (for crops) campo masculino
    (for grazing) campo masculino
    (for grazing) prado masculino
    (for grazing) potrero masculino América Latina
    a field of corn/wheat un maizal/trigal
    • there are two fields under oats and one fallow hay dos campos sembrados de avena y uno en barbecho
    • the flowers of the field las flores del campo
    • The main reasons for its decline are the clearance of heaths, drainage of winter-wet grasslands, loss of pastures to arable fields, and decline of grazing on commons.
    • Our hay and pasture fields are really thriving, and the earthworm population is amazing.
    • The project will reforest old crop fields and pastures and an abandoned rock quarry that has degraded over the years.
    • To help their recovery, and that of birds and insects, farmers are now being encouraged to sow margins of native plants, including wild flowers, around fields alongside arable crops.
    • It is amazing how fast the fields planted to crops have been turning green.
    • They cleared forests to encourage grass for particular animals, to open fields for crops, and to increase growth of particular plants.
    • Its second-growth oaks, hickories, and sugar maples tower over the open pastures and fields of the lower slope and bottomland.
    • The country side was woods/swamps for the most part with open farm fields of wheat and corn, that was about three feet high.
    • In the aisles between the vines as well as in fallow fields, growers plant different crops to crowd out weeds, repel bugs, and provide soil nutrients.
    • Our search continues for new, safe, and powerful ways to disinfest fields where these crops are planted.
    • The leaf bits were drying up and falling apart, having been taken off fresh corn plants in Georgia fields several days before.
    • Much of the land was intensely cultivated, a dry quiltwork of barley fields and hayfields and pastures shorn down to the dirt by goats and sheep.
    • The great expanses of the open fields were replaced by hedges, fences, and, in upland areas, dry stone walling.
    • The farther west we flew, the more I saw some strange sights, those being great, circular fields of green crops located next to desert sands.
    • Roads will be removed or tunnelled and ploughed fields returned to open grassland.
    • As she walked past pastures and small fields of crops she could not bring herself to imagine her own life coming to that.
    • Pasture fields were soil tested each year, and inventories were completed in the spring and summer for forage species, weeds, and bare ground percentage.
    • In fact it sits in the middle of a plain - open fields upon open fields of barley and wheat span out ahead and behind it in the almost flat Midlands landscape.
    • Wheat fields are harrowed before the crop emerges to get the first flush of weeds.
    • Whatever the dangers of open fields and common pastures, enclosure movements are premature.
    • I wondered if my classmates and I could make such a sacrifice for our country on the field of battle.
    • Losing a man on the field of battle is a terrible thing, but losing a man when the army is bedded down for the winter is truly a tragedy.
    • But for the labours of a statesman all the sound and fury of the swordsman on the field of battle would in the end signify nothing.
    • We read of their heroic actions on the field of battle and their deeds in other places.
    • Images of Bruce Lee and the night fighting scene in Enter the Dragon flashed through my mind like flags on the field of battle.
    • It was more likely that their shortcomings outside the field of battle that would hold them back.
    • But while vanquishing the enemy on the field of battle is necessary, it is not sufficient.
    • However, they could not forget the bonds they had forged with their French brothers on the field of battle.
    • Unable to match the forces of the West on the field of battle, new plans had to be hatched.
    • David's beheading of Goliath took place on the field of battle, after Goliath was already dead.
    • All her life she had imagined the field of battle from her grandfather's descriptions.
    • Ultimate victory for them lies at the level of grand strategy rather than on the field of battle.
    • Rupert made himself conspicuous during our Civil War in many a bloody field.
    • It would have been better if they had fallen on the field of battle.
    • The threats from the beach were horrifying enough to have made Napoleon turn from the field of battle.
    • But the idea is to use it on a wounded soldier on the field of battle where blood is hard to come across.
    • Even now, the last of my forces have withdrawn from the field of battle back into the keep.
    • The U.S. military was so superior as to be virtually unchallengeable on the field of battle.
    • All these were slaughtered in savage fields for the faith and fell beside the standard of the Cross, breathing loyalty to God and man in their last agonies.
    • The inference, that the ideas that it contains should be carried to the field of battle, is inescapable.
    • From the mists, a shuffling figure could be discerned moving towards the field of battle.
    • In 1913 Paris was hit by The Rite of Spring and by a volume of noise and dissonance that no human had experienced outside the field of battle.
    • She was interested in the film field even from a very young age.
    • When traveling to a destination with large mammals you should learn about their behavior before going out in the field.
    • Agriculture, like medicine, is rapidly changing because of advances being made in molecular biology, particularly in the fields of genomics and biotechnology.
    • I have to honestly say that I didn't have much of an interest in the acting field.
    • As in all fields of human activity, errors have been made.
    • During the past two decades, we have witnessed exponential growth in the fields of genetics and molecular biology.
    • They will come away, as I did, with a pretty good idea of what the field of forensic geology is all about.
    • This curious publication listed its fields of interest as ‘magic, fortune telling, palmistry, graphology and spiritualism’.
    • Reading in the summer, we can move outside our fields and study topics of general importance.
    • According to the teacher, other factors that are at play when it comes to advising the students on career paths include studying skills and the passing of interest tests for specific fields.
    • Getting out in the field over and over is the best way to build up knowledge.
    • One way to try to get a handle on what's happening in a scientific field is to study citations in research papers.
    • Another field of interest for Hungary in Bulgaria is the development of transport infrastructure.
    • By arrogance I don't mean pride, for there is no harm in being proud of what we have achieved in all fields of human activity.
    • He is master of his subject, and has had time to branch out into other fields.
    • His main fields of interest include the study of labor markets and social stratification.
    • You gain professional credibility through creative and productive work in a special field of activity.
    • It also includes all other rights that may result from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary or artistic fields.
    • The tools will let you select the topics and the fields of interest to you and figure out what intelligent people are saying about them.
    • The former requires a multidisciplinary approach, utilizing not only seismology but also other fields of geophysics and, most importantly, geology and geomorphology.
    • Srivasta was keen on opting for cellular and mobile communication, his field of special interest.
    • In addition, consular officers are given little training as to which fields of scientific study may pose a security risk.
    • An internal spiral staircase connected the two, while around the top would have been a parapet providing a wide field of view.
    • Because the fish will be waiting in ambush behind the top of the sand dune watching for baitfish or whatever to be washed into their field of view.
    • When present, the length of longitudinal bundles lying along the edge of the DZ in the same field of view was also measured.
    • Punching the power button brings up a LCD readout window in the lower third of the field of view.
    • Identification of the situs is often better made by MRI because of the wider field of view.
    • Integral has a large field of view, enabling it to scan our Milky Way galaxy for neutron stars and black hole activity.
    • The two images are slightly different, but the observer's brain stitches them together into a single 3D image field.
    • The long cells exceeded the field of view at high magnification and were instead measured at 100x.
    • A magnifying glass was added to read the scale, a telescopic sight was added with cross-wires to divide the field of view.
    • The field of view is wide enough to let you see the whole groove as well as the corners of the land.
    • It's so long that you'll probably get the entire 20-car field in a single shot.
    • Adjust the scope back and forth until you're rewarded with a full field of view.
    • The field of view was moved and counts obtained for three separate adjacent areas of cytoplasm of equal size.
    • The sensors would cover 100-degree fields of view to ensure overlap of areas.
    • From the corner of her eye she caught another flash of motion and then the couple rolled into her field of view.
    • Cassini is now close enough to Enceladus that the moon does not fit within the camera field of view.
    • During the update process, the shutter rotates into the image field to normalize the pixel offset.
    • A magnifying glass enlarges things at the cost of reducing the total field of view: so, one sees more of less.
    • The mission is also a gamma-ray burst detector, and has been spotting one burst per month in its field of view.
    • From then on, Saturn and its rings are larger than the field of view of the narrow angle camera.
    • In addition, possible polarization effects due to large external steady state electrical fields have been neglected.
    • This approach describes how electrons are influenced by the fields produced by others in the Fermi sea.
    • Electrons prefer to avoid regions of strong and oscillating fields, so the wall alone would fling them out.
    • They argue that quantum effects (such as intense radiation fields at the funnel) may close the Einstein-Rosen bridge.
    • Like a magnet, the crystal retains the polarization when the field is turned off.
    • It agrees with the Newtonian theory for low speeds and weak gravitational fields, but differs from it at high speeds and strong fields.
    • Consequently, Einstein and Infeld argue, the distinction between matter and fields is no longer a qualitative one in relativistic physics.
    • What is to protect us then from the pathological possibilities of strong gravitation fields?
    • An elementary particle in the presence of one of these relic fields would then experience interactions that have a preferred direction in space-time.
    • Generating and detecting x rays in the strong fields used for magnetic resonance is difficult, but it can be done.
    • A PRM can be thought of as a Bayesian network whose variables are fields in a relational database.
    • Buffer overflows are also a major vulnerability and happen when too much data is input into a field.
    • You can create a collection of database fields that have unique values for each drawing in the set.
    • If you type some text in the input field below the chat window, your avatar acts as a voice-over.
    • Baidu even seems enormously proud of its simple, 4K home page with a single search field.
    • In the coat of arms of Amsterdam, the field of the escutcheon (heraldic shield) is red.
    • The first field (top left corner) of the escutcheon shows the national arms.
    • The national flag consists of a square red field with a white equilateral cross at its center.
    • It was a flag bearing thirteen stars on a blue field with red and white bars.
    • The Czech flag consists of a lower red field and an upper white field with a blue wedge reaching from the flagpole side of the flag to its center.
    • The protesters were rounded up underneath the fluttering white cross and red field of Denmark's flag.
  • 2

    • 2.1(area of play)

      campo masculino
      cancha femenino América Latina
      football/baseball field cancha de fútbol/béisbol América Latina
      • a true sportsman on and off the field todo un caballero dentro y fuera del terreno de juego
      • to take the field salir a la cancha
      • So you don't see all the best players of the game on the field at the same time.
      • Usftl games are typically played on Sunday mornings on regulation football fields with 12-minute quarters.
      • As a follower of the game it will be a joy to watch Kavanagh playing on Gaelic football fields for many more years to come.
      • So that game in 1986 was the first time we were on the same field in a competitive game.
      • I don't want to see injuries happen to anyone on the football field, but they are a part of the game.
      • Both keepers were the busiest players on the field in an end-to-end game with Bingley opening the scoring in the tenth minute.
      • One sports talk show after another was lined up in front of the dugouts, taking live shots of the field before the big game.
      • It's this talent, he argues, that has enabled them to maximise the potential playing area of a football field.
      • The sports centre subsidises things like playing fields and football fields.
      • Back in those days they wouldn't have taken the camera away from the field while the game was being played.
      • But his presence led to an unprecedented incident on the field in the Seagulls-Apollon game.
      • However this proved to be in vain when some quick thinking at a tap penalty saw Dodworth go nearly the full length of the field to tie the game.
      • Think of it like the computer game Minesweeper, except on a football field.
      • He has, without doubt, one of the more dangerous players on the field in Game Two.
      • He sees it in all aspects of life, from sports fields to football clubs.
      • Well, no matter how they look on paper, you gotta play the games on the field.
      • Mercy, but they are going to have fun on the football field at Honolulu, and possibly the nearest race track.
      • There is no doubt that being a spectator is far more stressful than to actually be involved in the game on the field.
      • He fires off the ball, disrupts the backfield and makes plays all over the football field.
      • He said his proposal would involve a single-storey school, which could offer facilities for community activities, including a swimming pool, a hall, a gym and sports fields.

    • 2.2(competitors)

      Brown was leading the field Brown llevaba la delantera
      • the whole field set off after the fox toda la partida salió tras el zorro
      • our products lead the field nuestros productos son los líderes del mercado
      • there's a strong field of applicants for the job hay una buena selección de candidatos para el puesto
      • to play the field (test reaction) tantear el terreno
      • In the West, everyone is waiting to see how much the gap between the Lakers and the rest of the field has narrowed.
      • Normally, the rest of the field are scared stiff of Radcliffe, last night she was the one with the fear factor.
      • But the gap between the big boys and the rest of the field is nowhere near as large as people may think.
      • Truex was miles ahead of Busch, the rookie of the year, but the two were time zones ahead of the rest of the field.
      • The rest of the field fell away and are still waiting for the return of Kevin Mitch to give these guys some competition at the top.
      • The contest will narrow the field to 7 teams from a total of 15 for the finals on October 23.
      • Playing off a 19 handicap, Bob came in with 39 points to beat the field by a single stroke.
      • At 11, she won Hawaii's most prestigious women's event - beating the rest of the field by nine strokes.
      • By the time the rest of the field got underway Clay Regazzoni's Ferrari was already in second gear and had jumped into a clear lead from the fourth row of the grid.
      • Law led the 46 car field to the green flag.
      • This clearly is a safety risk to both the drivers in the lapped cars and the rest of the field.
      • Craig was head and shoulders above the rest of the field beating his nearest rival by over a minute.
      • This was an unusual year for the Oscars: No single film dominated the field and swept the board.
      • On Monday the 16th, Don Ratcliffe with his sore thumb clobbered the rest of the field by three strokes.
      • The duo finished, but almost two minutes behind the rest of the field.
      • The Manchester postwoman again proved to be a cut above the rest of the field in the JP Morgan Corporate Chase finals in New York.
      • Tergat produced a brave run, racing through the last nine laps on his own after the rest of the field were unable to match his pace.
      • West got away, followed by one other rider, with the rest of the field contesting a very close and tactical bunch sprint in Ramsey town.
      • But he pulled away from the rest of the field by following up with a sparkling 67 which contained five birdies.
      • That can't be good news for the rest of the field, which not only has to contend with a tough course, but a tough player.

  • 3

    field of battle campo de batalla masculino
    • the field of honor el campo del honor
  • 4

    (of study, work) campo masculino
    (of activities) esfera femenino
    she's an expert in her field es una experta en su campo
    • my field is 20th century poetry mi especialidad es la poesía del siglo XX
    • what field is he in? ¿cuál es su campo / especialidad?
    • to be first in the field ser el líder del mercado
  • 5

    (of practical operations)
    campo masculino
    (research/survey) (before noun) de campo
    workers in the field personal de campo / sobre el terreno masculino
    • it has been tested in the field se ha probado sobre el terreno
  • 6

    • 6.1(coal field, oil field etc)

      yacimiento masculino

    • 6.2(snow field, ice field)

      campo masculino

  • 7

    (range, space)
    campo masculino
    field of vision campo visual masculino
    • field of fire ángulo de tiro
  • 8

    campo masculino
    field of force campo de fuerzas
    • electric/magnetic field campo eléctrico/magnético
  • 9

    campo masculino
  • 10

    (in heraldry)
    campo masculino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (ball) fildear
    (ball) interceptar y devolver
  • 2

    (jibe/question) sortear
  • 3

    (team) alinear
  • 4

    (candidates) presentar

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (in baseball, cricket)
    interceptar y devolver la pelota