Traducción de field marshal en Español:

field marshal

mariscal de campo, n.


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    mariscal de campo masculino
    • The Russian tsarist army had field marshals including Suvorov, but the rank, like all the old military ranks, was abolished in 1917.
    • Dressed as a field marshal, the rank to which Catherine II had promoted him in 1773, he wears the Star of the Order of Saint Andrew.
    • Two German field marshals, Erwin Rommel and Gerd yon Rundstedt, command Blumenson's respect.
    • Neither field marshal nor platoon leader should be point man.
    • The apex of Alexander's military career was the capture of Rome on 4 June 1944, for which he received his field marshal's baton.
    • At the age of 31 a field marshal in the Chinese army while still a major in the British one, he went on to become the Governor General of the Sudan, where he was eventually killed.
    • He is appealing to Blair to give the Commons a vote on going to war, and points to strong opposition across the spectrum of British life, from field marshals to church leaders.
    • The former field marshal, once the highest-ranking officer in the Confederate High Command, had retired from the service when he was named interim Chancellor.
    • He said there were field marshals and generals at the top, who organised and funded the importations of large quantities of cigarettes and truck drivers.
    • Even at a distance, the field marshal of Ple'ebus's army could be heard barking out orders at those in his command.
    • Within a few years, however, he regained his stature, eventually becoming a field marshal and commander in chief of the British army.
    • Dr. Mott should know that this would be a promotion for the journalist, something like from a sergeant to a field marshal!
    • In 1941 Smuts was made an honorary field marshal in the British Army, but asked that he still be known by his old rank of general.
    • Over the years, field marshals, generals, prime ministers and archbishops have been made honorary freemen of the city, although Winston Churchill did not take up the offer.