Traducción de fieldsman en Español:


fildeador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfiːldzmən//ˈfildzmən/

nombrePlural fieldsmen


  • 1

    (jugador que no batea) fildeador masculino
    • I was watching the match in a pub without sound, and I had forgotten about it, so it was not until I got home that I realised that Langer had taken a hat trick, and that was why the West Indian fieldsmen all looked so pleased.
    • I can't describe it explicitly without pictures, but suffice it to say that there are definite positions for fieldsmen in cricket.
    • Playing for Sri Lanka, Muralitharan must also defend smaller totals, strive more often in losing causes, and be supported by less adept fieldsmen.
    • (The fieldsman caught the ball, but then stepped over the boundary rope and conceded a six).
    • The batsmen then keep hitting it down the throats of the ready set fieldsmen.
    • The last two batsmen Jesrel Prospere and Vaughn Polius shared five overs, but were not poised to increase the score as the Vincentians bowled tight and accurate without allowing them to hit past the encroaching fieldsmen.
    • The milling fieldsmen were not quite so sure about the decision.
    • To top it off, Boof's gently lobbed cue-end snick, instead of making a fieldsman work, went straight to Parti Boy Patel who was able to drag in what was for him, an absolute blinder.
    • Miss-hits all going straight to the fieldsmen.
    • The ball is running away from the chasing point fieldsman; can he catch it?
    • If anything, he should have directed his ire at the umpires, who are required to regulate the comings and goings of fieldsmen.
    • A batsman tries to stop the fieldsman from getting the ball by getting in his way.
    • I'd see one of their fieldsmen chase a ball and think he might be a possibility.
    • Indian slip fieldsmen, however, are another matter; their chastisement is, on the whole, richly deserved.
    • Opposing slips fieldsman, Ruben Hart, 6, of Mt Barker and wicketkeeper Rikki Williams, 6, were ready for any chances bobbing up at Pages Beach yesterday.