Traducción de fifth en Español:


quinto, adj.

Pronunciación /fɪfθ//fɪ(f)θ/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      you're the fifth person to ask me that eres la quinta persona que me pregunta eso
      • Henry V Enrique V
      • it's his fifth birthday cumple cinco años
      • it's their fifth wedding anniversary es su quinto aniversario de boda
      • that's the fifth time he's done that es la quinta vez que hace eso
      • I was fifth on the list yo era el quinto/la quinta de la lista
      • fifth part/share quinta parte
      • The fifth day of a five day forecast is accurate 20% of the time and these guys are gonna tell me what the weather will be like a hundred years from now?
      • The apartment was on the fifth floor of a five story brick building in a part of town that had once been much grander than it was now.
      • There were 39 brands of light vehicles for sale in 1986, the fifth best year on record.
      • They simply ran out of steam in the second half to slump to their fifth defeat out of five, a record that consigns them to the wooden spoon, their first wooden spoon in the competition since 2002.
      • After three minutes his sharp pass to Broadbent saw the ball quickly moved on to Mark Cain, who notched his fifth try in five games.
      • Seems I'm moving desks again - the fifth time in five years, which makes for a nice round average.
      • Joe Nathan got the final two outs for his fifth save in five opportunities.
      • In the 1990s the first woman Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor, for example, was the critical fifth vote in more five to four decisions than anybody else.
      • These markets and institutions have changed dramatically in the five years since the fifth edition was published.
      • The starting point for the language that became English, and for his book, is the arrival in England in the fifth century of Germanic warrior tribes.
      • It was a subtle touch, one I didn't notice until the opening sequence of the fifth episode - and by then it was too late.
      • He looked at his watch for what seemed to be the fifth time in five minutes.
      • Beware, though, as some allow only a limited number of region switches such that after perhaps five toggles, the fifth region code becomes fixed on the drive.
      • That day, when Ally had yet again defended his talent, he pitched horribly; giving up three runs in the fourth inning and another five in the fifth inning.
      • In the fifth month you have five pairs (because the first pair of babies has become old enough to reproduce).
      • Additional miscellaneous activities are also frequent apart from these major groupings, and can constitute a fifth category.
      • The ‘mountain’ is named for the patron saint of Paris, who founded a convent there towards the end of the fifth century.
      • This is now the fifth day, five days on, and we are waiting to know what happened to him and I, his mother, I need to know what happened to Anthony.
      • The final independent invention of zero in India was long debated by scholars, but seems to be set around the middle of the fifth century.
      • One of the most romantic ruins in Wiltshire, the castle was built in the late 14th century by the fifth Lord Lovel.
      • By June 1806 Bowditch had read the first four of Laplace's five volumes (the fifth volume was not published by Laplace until 1825).

    • 1.2(in seniority, standing)


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    (elliptical use)
    Paradise Boy fell at the fifth Paradise Boy cayó en la quinta valla (or el quinto obstáculo etc.)
    • he'll be arriving on the fifth (of the month) llegará el (día) cinco
    • Uncle Ben is the fifth from the right el tío Ben es el quinto de derecha a izquierda
    • we'll arrive (on) May fifth / (British) May the fifth llegaremos el cinco de mayo
    • the fifth of May el cinco de mayo


  • 1

    (in position, time, order)
    en quinto lugar
    Goodwill finished fifth Goodwill llegó el quinto / en quinto lugar
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    (with superl)
    the fifth highest mountain in the world la montaña que ocupa el quinto lugar entre las más altas del mundo


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    • 1.1Matemáticas

      quinto masculino
      three fifths tres quintos
      • one fifth of ten is two un quinto / la quinta parte de diez es dos

    • 1.2(part)

      quinta parte femenino
      quinto masculino

    • 1.3Música

      quinta femenino

    • 1.4US (measure)

      medida equivalente a 0,757 litros

    • 1.5(in competition)

      he finished a disappointing fifth llegó en un deslucido quinto lugar / puesto
      • The winner gets 15 points, the second 10, the third is awarded seven, the fourth gets five and the fifth earns three.
      • He piloted his race car to a fifth place finish in race two of the weekend.
      • At the Leinster Schools held in Dublin, Cheryl Nolan won gold in the junior 1,500m and Sinead Kelly competing in the same race finished a credible fifth place.
      • Co-captain Mike Logue earned OUA all-star status at the competition with a fifth place finish, the highest by a Warrior.
      • Assuming Jarrod Washburn, Ramon Ortiz, John Lackey, and Aaron Sele stay around, it could be quite a race for the fifth spot.
      • But fifth place, five seconds behind the American, will have given him a huge boost in confidence for the tests that lie ahead.
      • Jane, who was fifth last year, led the way for Knavesmire to collect the ladies team prize by taking runner-up slot in 84-31.
      • Without the drive-through penalty, Christian would have finished the race in fifth or sixth place.
      • Emmett ran a good race to finish in fifth place with a ‘Personal Best’ of 4 minutes 2 seconds.
      • He finished the race in fifth place having started from 16th position on the grid.
      • Her best this season in four races was a fifth place in Germany which left her in seventh place overall in the rankings.
      • The club expects strong competition for the fifth spot.
      • He has risen from the fifth best-placed Australian to being their top ranked player and if he can maintain his remarkable run, it will only be a short time before he climbs into the top ten.
      • One of our brave lads, Andrew Homan, went over the side and made short work of the net with a knife, but it cost us 25 minutes, finishing that race in fifth place in a dying wind.
      • This created the strange statistic that City finished fifth bottom, but they actually had a positive goal difference.
      • A five-way competition for the fifth spot in the rotation has no real front-runner.
      • He rejoined the race in sixth place but fought back to finish in fifth place and had to settle for picking up championship points.
      • We were ranked fifth going into the race and came out third with a new British record.
      • Clach climbed five places into fifth spot after a wash out in the Highland League, with a 2-0 triumph over north rivals Fort William.
      • Like all of the fastest cars at Michigan, he came up short in the fuel mileage game but still raced to a fifth place finish.

  • 2also fifth gear

    quinta femenino