Traducción de fighter-bomber en Español:


cazabombardero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfaɪdər ˌbɑmər///


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    cazabombardero masculino
    • Flak commanders took advantage of the fact that Allied fighter-bombers pounced on everything that moved on the Norman roads by creating ingenious ‘low-flying-aircraft booby traps.’
    • Or they were designed as fighter-bombers (more accurately called bomber-fighters) whose primary capability was delivering nuclear ordnance.
    • The assault force consists of some 4,000 ships and landing craft carrying 176,000 troops and their material, escorted by 600 warships, with 2,500 bombers and 7,000 fighters and fighter-bombers overhead.
    • A case in point was his abortive effort to cut aircraft procurement costs by developing a single fighter-bomber, the TFX, for both the air force and the navy.
    • We see the low-flying fighter-bombers of the RAF, and in their shadow the advancing infantry.
    • This was a manifestation of the allied policy of interdiction in which both heavy bombers of the USAF and the bomb- and rocket-armed carrier fighter-bombers attempted to halt enemy troop and supply movement.
    • The US relies heavily - in the first-strike arena - on ship-launched ballistic missiles, and aircraft-carrier-launched air-superiority fighters and fighter-bombers.
    • Together with dogged determination from the soldiers, Allied fighter-bombers succeeded in safeguarding Patton's communications.
    • Our presence, our use of tanks, Bradleys, gunships and fighter-bombers, causing inevitable civilian casualties, is recruiting more enemy than we are killing.
    • During the Korean War, Johnson flew fighter-bombers while attached to the US Air Force.
    • It was reasoned that this would eliminate lengthy carrier qualification trials as well as providing the Marines with a hard-hitting fighter-bomber that would be well suited to their operational doctrine.
    • He discovered his two best school friends were both engaged in the battle, one flying Mosquito fighter-bombers, the other a tank commander.
    • The majority of combat aircraft worldwide consists of short-range fighter-bombers.
    • The use of bombers and fighter-bombers at the frontline helped to ease the path of inexperienced armies that threatened to get bogged down in Normandy and Italy.
    • Gen George S. Patton and his Third Army relied heavily on GAS sorties from the fighter-bombers of the Ninth Air Force to punch their way across France.
    • In spite of the numbers, the reality was that only around 115 of those planes (72 fighters, 37 fighter-bombers and six bombers) could be considered modern.
    • They comprised 220 combat aircraft, including 80 fighter-bombers and 120 fighters, more than 100 SAM missile systems and 700 antiaircraft artillery guns.
    • This left communications between air-support parties on the beaches and fighter-bombers on the flight line broken for crucial hours while invaders struggled ashore.
    • It includes squadrons of tanks, Stryker armoured fighting vehicles, infantry and ground artillery, backed by helicopter gunships and fighter-bombers.
    • The AMX fighter-bomber aircraft is in service with the air forces of Brazil, Italy and Venezuela.