Traducción de fighting fit en Español:

fighting fit

en plena forma, adj.



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    en plena forma
    • The teenager is now a strapping six feet two inches tall and fighting fit.
    • Hopefully she will be back fighting fit in the New Year when we will all give her a lot of support and hope that she won't take on so much.
    • Mrs Lee, who has nine grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren, said the years of exercise have helped keep her fighting fit.
    • They need extra calories to make sure the body is fighting fit.
    • The Norden couple are ‘over the moon’ that Daniel, originally wheelchair bound because of nerve damage to his feet, is now fighting fit after receiving the all-clear in May.
    • We are pleased to report him fighting fit; he will not be silenced.
    • But now, seven years on she's fighting fit and loves taking part in the games.
    • I'm fighting fit,’ and I hopped up and down a bit on my good leg to prove it.
    • But thanks to a new ‘wonder drug’ which her husband Tony learned about on the Internet, she now has the disease in remission and feels fighting fit.
    • From the very expensive to platters that suits the middle class incomes, the Capital is now finally offering healthy, fighting fit options.
    • The quick-tempered ‘bad boy’ is fighting fit after taking up boxing this summer.
    • I still feel fighting fit and ready for anything.
    • ‘I've never felt less than fighting fit during all this nonsense,’ he added nonchalantly.
    • That was 14 years ago and Peggy is fighting fit today.
    • The reefs are more than healthy, they're fighting fit, offering an extravagant array of bright soft corals and oversized sponges.
    • So, until we return, bronzed, rejuvenated and fighting fit, this news and opinion space will be filled with the works of those poets who have inspired us down through the years.
    • Now the eight-year-old is fighting fit again after making an amazing recovery - with a little help from his older sister.
    • Those two points remain the most fascinating about the family with Frank looking a fighting fit man well into his late middle age but showing no signs of slowing or giving up the ghost.
    • Then doctors discovered her brother, Bernard Horrocks, was a perfect match and he was happy to go ahead - now Kim is fighting fit and looking forward to enjoying life.
    • And, just as I was starting to feel fighting fit again, food poisoning hit me over the weekend.