Traducción de fill en Español:


llenar, v.

Pronunciación /fɪl//fɪl/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(make full)

      to fill sth with sth rellenar algo de algo
      • he filled the tank with water / he filled the tank full of water llenó el tanque de agua
      • he filled her head full of nonsense le llenó la cabeza de tonterías
      • don't fill the cup right up to the top no llenes la taza hasta el borde
      • the wind filled the sails el viento hinchaba las velas
      • he can still fill a large concert hall todavía es capaz de llenar una sala de conciertos grande
      • cakes filled with cream pasteles rellenos de crema
      • fill your lungs with air llénate los pulmones de aire
      • a smoke-filled room una habitación llena de humo
      • gladness filled his heart / his heart was filled with gladness tenía el corazón lleno / (literary) henchido de alegría
      • the news filled us with anger la noticia nos llenó de ira
      • I was filled with jealousy me consumían los celos
      • They filled a bag full of diamonds before leaving through an employee entrance.
      • The unit was filled to capacity with patients, equipment, and staff members.
      • But it was a buffet regardless, so I filled my plate as full as possible.
      • What if we fill a bag full of rocks that weigh the same as me?
      • We filled two bin liners full of broken glass, cans and bottles.
      • On a recent Tuesday, only five of the park's 45 tent spaces were filled.
      • Spoon batter into muffin pan which has been sprayed with non stick cooking spray, filling each cup ¾ full.
      • Billowing black smoke quickly filled the room, and the flames ignited the tapestries.
      • When this pore space is completely filled with water, the soil is saturated.
      • Then fill the container about two-thirds full of the soilless potting mix.
      • The foam is fitted to fill the entire tank space and contains the liquid fuel and the vapour.
      • Now you will need to fill the gas tank completely full.
      • Do not fill the bottles too full as this drink is very fizzy.
      • The Leisure Centre, which was hired out for free, was filled to the rafters with eager fans.
      • Gray watched hopelessly as his wife filled the empty bowl full of water at the sink.
      • Next, get some lava rocks like you use in gas grill, wash them thoroughly and fill the container at least half full with them.
      • Once there, she filled a large suitcase full of her belongings, then made a call to her parents to say she was spending the week at a friend's.
      • The cups were not filled quite full so a little was left over for the cook's trouble.
      • She filled a mug full of water and then started to go back.
      • He also spoke about the rewards of being a politician, highlighting the need for people to choose to make a difference in the world, rather than simply filling a space.

    • 1.2

      (space/area) ocupar
      (area/space) llenar
      most of the seats were filled by the time the curtain rose cuando se levantó el telón, la mayor parte de los asientos estaban ocupados

    • 1.3(plug, stop)

      (hole/crack) rellenar
      (crack/hole) tapar
      (cavity/tooth) empastar
      (cavity/tooth) tapar Andes
      (tooth/cavity) emplomar Río de la Plata
      (tooth/cavity) calzar Colombia
      to fill a pipe with tobacco cargar una pipa (de tabaco)
      • this book fills a gap in the market este libro llena un hueco que había en el mercado
      • When a tooth is decayed, the dentist usually repairs it by drilling out the rotten portion, and filling the gap.
      • For decades mercury has been in the amalgam used by dentists to fill holes caused by decay in teeth.
      • In six European countries, dentists cannot legally fill teeth with silver amalgam (mercury).
      • The compaction of amalgam into the cavity is not simply a matter of filling the hole.
      • No one likes to do it, no one likes to spend the money or time, but filling a cavity is a whole lot cheaper than having a root canal.

  • 2

    (need) satisfacer
    he doesn't fill the requirements no cumple con / no llena / no reúne los requisitos
    • The cardinal rule of business is that if a product cannot fill a consumer need and make it on its own, then it doesn't belong in the market place.
    • Within a system of planning, production is conducted according to the government's orders, not according to the plans of capitalists eager to profit by best filling the wants of the consumers.
    • ‘They don't need anything other than a bit of tender loving care, respect and someone to fill their need to be valued,’ Richards said.
    • If it is unlikely to make its founder a fortune, the venture at least fills a need among a certain group of professional women.
    • The latest Japanese craze fills the final need.
    • Government will support the training and recruiting of mentors, yet it is the men and women of America who will fill the need.
    • He really was a general manager, not a coach, and for the past six years or so had turned to golf to fill his unceasing competitive desire.
    • Being lonely and afraid allowed Robinson Crusoe to fill his desire for company by allowing God into his life through his nightly readings of the Bible.
    • I don't think we need a new building because we've already got the former Odeon cinema which can fill the need.
    • Cassava is another staple food, often supplementing rice in filling the need for carbohydrate.
    • So shops that put their Christmas goods on display in September are certainly filling a need.
    • Either would be an immediate upgrade, but neither player fills a pressing need.
    • But now, as more people than ever line up at his agency's doorstep, Owens finds himself struggling to fill the need.
    • Faith of course can can be a powerful force for good and is undoubtedly fills a spiritual need for billions in the world today.
    • The 67-year-old Metis businessman has made a career of finding a niche, setting a goal and filling a need or want.
    • The Redskins won't be shy about trading a midround pick, likely a third- or fourth-round selection, to fill a pressing need.
    • Earlier I found myself perusing my mobile, looking to see who I could call on to fill my need.
    • Certainly, they possessed an extraordinarily intuitive skill for filling the needs of their times, and for realizing the potential of their own talents.
    • I made it because I needed it, and it's nice that it was able to fill a need for others as well.
    • An effective system not only provides help under different circumstances, but fills different needs and is made up of different kinds of support.
  • 3

    (vacancy) llenar
    thank you for inquiring, but the job's already been filled gracias por interesarse pero ya hemos llenado la vacante / cubierto el puesto
    • is she the right person to fill the post? ¿es ella la persona idónea para ocupar el puesto?
    • At just 42 and filling the role many analysts now see as a grooming post for the top job, Watt may well be the next chief executive.
    • Now, Brad Stuart is expected to step up even more as he fills the role as the No.1 defender.
    • Miller realized that although he was expected to help fill the defensive role that Blake played, he wasn't going to try to replace him.
    • It follows the departure from frontline politics of several MSPs who were expected to fill important roles when elected in 1999.
    • The director of corporate development, Tom Smith, will fill the seat left vacant by Chen.
    • This position differed from that of the executive assistant since it was full time and filled via an outside search.
    • Mr Greenway will also be calling for assurances that as and when the vacant posts are filled, operations at Malton can be resumed.
    • Evans was not only in with the No. 1 offense, but he was still filling his customary role on special teams.
    • From an early age, Mick went to work in the bottling plant, where he filled many roles, eventually that of factory foreman.
    • Jon Parkin is likely to replace Smith in defence after filling that role for the reserves in yesterday's 0-0 draw against Notts County.
    • Jon Parkin is set to play in defence and is expected to fill that role at Northampton on Saturday when Chris Smith and Darren Edmondson are both suspended.
    • Orders have also been issued to fill the vacant posts of assistant Urdu teachers for higher education.
    • Seriously, imagine you're an employer looking to fill a position in your business.
    • When Steeple Langford was unable to fill the vacant post of headteacher, it was decided to approach other local schools with a view to federation.
    • With three new teams applying to join the league for next season there are still a further three vacancies to fill: full details can be obtained by contacting John Lynch.
    • It decided against filling the vacant post and the position won't be reviewed until later in the year.
    • He emerged as the leader of Baltimore's offensive line last season and has been told he's expected to fill a similar role with a bunch of young players around him.
    • Another four recruits are expected to join over the next few weeks to fill analyst roles and investment positions.
    • And it is an attack on the lowest paid workers because they will have to do the extra work when vacant posts aren't filled.
    • A mock prison situation was set up with one team functioning as guards and the other filling the role of prisoners.
    • Borders Council is now having to offer ‘golden hellos’ of £3,000 in a bid to fill vacant posts.
    • The former Celtic manager is said to be interested in filling a post left vacant following the sacking of Clark.
    • Female leaders are often expected to fill the roles of mother, sister, girlfriend, and activist - and do their day job.
    • He added that despite several requests, the state government was not filling the posts lying vacant in the corporation.
    • In 1989, Humphreys was appointed to fill a vacant state Senate seat, to which he won election to a full term in 1990.
    • Employers in Waterford are seeking to fill jobs in the leisure and retail sectors more than any other area, it's been revealed.
    • In 1913 Eddington was appointed to fill the vacant position of Plumian Professor of Astronomy.
    • She did a great job, considering she didn't have a clue and wasn't expecting to be filling this role.
    • Alfonseca could close as a fallback plan, but he hasn't filled that role regularly since 2002.
    • Tony Collins, brother of the groom filled the role of best man wonderfully and he was assisted by younger brother Ronan and Michael Durkan, friend of the groom.
    • Kevin Lowery replaced Cicero in the second row, with Dave Christison and John Webster filling the vacant positions on the bench.
    • The Education Department is on course to fill all vacant posts this year, the department spokesman said this week.
    • In doing so, the president broke no law; he merely used a procedure that allows him to fill vacant positions when the Senate is in recess.
    • He will be filling the vacant post on the board created when Professor Parveen Kumar resigned earlier this year.
    • According to the student society bylaws, the forum may appoint students to fill these positions at its discretion.
    • The appointment was to fill the chair left vacant by Schwarz's retirement.
    • And it's interesting that for the first time, the foreign leader who fills that role is not a European leader.
    • Bach was appointed to fill the vacant seat created by Owens's resignation.
    • York Health Services Trust paid out more than £500,000 trying to fill vacant posts last year, more than twice the regional average.
    • Nationally, the Government is struggling to fill vacant NHS nurse positions.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (sails) hincharse
    to fill (with sth) llenarse (de algo)
    • her eyes filled with tears se le llenaron los ojos de lágrimas
    • his heart filled with emotion lo embargó la emoción
    • Mark watched the other ship draw closer, sensing the increase in their own speed as the sails filled again and the oarsman got their rhythm.
    • The wind had risen, the ropes cracking and straining even louder as the sails filled to capacity.
    • The breeze picked up, the rain stopped, and the boat's speed increased as the sails filled with wind.
    • For a while the ship kept bucking and sidling, the sails filling, now on one tack, now on another, till the mast groaned aloud under the strain.


  • 1

    to eat/drink one's fill of sth comer/beber algo hasta saciarse
    • to have had one's fill of sth haberse hartado de algo
    • I've had my fill of your whining me he hartado / estoy harto de tus quejas
    • Having had our fill of the Garden Route we're driving back west again.
    • And after 4 winters in New York, I've pretty much had my fill of snow.
    • By the time I left I thought I had my fill of LA but since then every trip back has rekindled my love for the place.
    • I suggested this to a friend who replied that she'd had her fill of watching the paint dry the first time around and didn't want to go through it again.
    • As far as I'm concerned I've had my fill of Tim.
    • For those who haven't had their fill of entertainment, it is worth noting that the next Bank Holiday weekend is only 25 days away.
    • Well I've had my fill of fairness this afternoon.
    • As exciting as that is, it leaves fans here at home wondering when they'll be able to get their fill of the willowy musician.
    • I hate to say it, but Milan can be a bit boring once you've had your fill of the Cathedral.
    • Sometimes, when you've had your fill of something or someone, it's nice to have a bit of a break.
    • Once you have had your fill of plain smoked salmon with brown bread and butter, think about using it in cooking.
    • When Broome finally had his fill of comics and moved overseas to stay, Julie missed him terribly.
    • I have just about had my fill of commentators who don't like their country, don't like the world, and don't much care for the human race.
    • But they had done that before, been there, tasted it and had their fill of it.
    • As you can see, the place will be rammed, so get there early for your fill of roots, dancehall and such.
    • Can't recommend this enough if you've had your fill of shallow popcorn movies.
    • Rather than getting your fill of the excitement and sticking it to the back of your CD rack, you'll be coming back to this…
    • If you still haven't had your fill of culture you can give your holiday an extra dimension by sailing across the Mediterranean - to Egypt.
    • Two other friends go to the nuclear waste, have a grand old time, eat their fill, and then suddenly explode.
    • Blair had eaten her fill of the good warm food from the kitchens, wonderful food.
  • 2

    (for filling holes)
    relleno masculino
    • Quaternary sedimentary fill testifies to recent subsidence of the basin.
    • It comes in lightweight easy-to-handle bags and should be used in the same manner as loose fill or cellulose.
    • Postholes disturbed the burial pit, but their fill did not contain sherds or bones.
    • The fill also contained a large number of restorable vessels, with an unusually high incidence of Mycenaean imports.
    • On the east side of the building, a double retaining wall supports leveling fill between the wall and bedrock.
    • Gravel, sand, small rock and wood chips are all types of loose fill.
    • But loose fill, like sand, usually washes out before plants can root.
    • The limestone grades laterally into calcareous siltstone of the canyon fill.
    • In addition, the DOT has not explained the seismic risk to a tunnel built in loose fill versus a new elevated structure.
    • Some spots required engineered fill to depths of up to 3 m, but for the most part the site was composed of silty clay and fragmented rock.
    • ‘We have looked at it in the last week or so and I am aware of some minor movement in the fill of the crater,’ he said.
    • This would have the advantage of compacting the existing shaft fill.
    • The fill was compacted in layers of 25 cm using a vibratory compactor of 2 tons capacity.
    • Suitable material was used as required for building highway fill.
    • Another method is to pour or blow in loose fill or cellulose insulation up to the joists for an even surface.
    • Where intersected by wells, the canyon fill is seen to comprise two distinctive units.
    • Hundreds of thousands of hectares and over 700 km of streams have been covered by this 'valley fill'.
    • The project would require approximately 1 square mile of fill and tons of dredging.
    • They added fill by the house to make a fairly level garden up top, and then nudged and added stone to build retaining walls and steps.
    • Most of the sedimentary fill of the Chiang Mai basin lies beneath a blanket of Quaternary floodplain deposits.