Traducción de filth en Español:


mugre, n.

Pronunciación /fɪlθ//fɪlθ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(dirt)

      mugre femenino
      roña femenino
      to live in filth vivir en la mugre / la inmundicia
      • Even the smell was different, filth and dirt replaced by fresh air.
      • She was brought up in filth and squalor that disgusted everyone who set foot in their home in her early years on the Bransholme estate and latterly the Orchard Park estate in Hull.
      • I positioned my broom and began to sweep away the dirt and filth that had gathered since last time I had swept.
      • The stinking filth on the streets was not even pleasing to crows, though.
      • Crud by definition is a coating of filth or refuse.
      • In my village, Wilsden, it is like an assault course avoiding piles of disgusting filth when walking up the main street.
      • I used my knife, methodically cutting away the fur and dirt around the wound, washing away filth: clotted blood, mud, and grass with water from my canteen.
      • I don't believe anyone ever cleans this area, and the accumulated filth creates an unbearable stench.
      • He was given a scented bath before sunrise to wash the filth from his body.
      • For it was granted in our illustration of light that the rays of the sun sent down to earth from heaven are not defiled by touching all the mud and filth and garbage.
      • And I have never seen such filth and disgusting things anywhere.
      • She wondered if she would ever get clean of all the accumulated filth.
      • Litter, rubbish, filth and grime - eyesores like these are a common sight in Bolton.
      • The familiar stench of filth, dirt, blood, and sweat filled his nose.
      • Slowly she stood up, the vile filth clinging to her clothing.
      • But he left me shivering almost naked lying in my own filth, half starved.
      • We stomp aboard, spreading more filth on the dripping bus.
      • She climbed into the shower and washed the filth off her body.
      • A moment later a piece of mud falling from his hair into his face prompted him to just lean forward and dunk his head under the water, a dark cloud of filth polluting the water around him.
      • Open drains, piles of uncleared garbage, filth and pitiful shacks are everywhere.

    • 1.2(obscene language, literature)

      I've never heard/seen such filth! ¡nunca he oído/visto una porquería / indecencia igual!

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    the filth los pacos Chile coloquial