Traducción de financier en Español:


financiero, n.

Pronunciación /fʌɪˈnansɪə//fəˈnænˌsɪr//fɪˈnansɪə//ˌfɪnənˈsɪr/


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    financiero masculino
    financiera femenino
    • He's also proud of the fact that the developers, designers and financiers of the project are Irish.
    • He has become one of the richest men in the world by reacting before other financiers and governments.
    • Now we're going to be taken over by bankers, financiers and accountants.
    • Merchants and financiers soon realized that investing in science could be a profitable business.
    • He plans to add more capital to his business through external financiers.
    • In London and Paris there were journals for merchants and financiers.
    • Dana did not hobnob with politicians, financiers, or the captains of industry.
    • Thus, the mortgage over land is used by banks just as it is employed by building societies and by other financiers.
    • It should attempt to present the information a financier would require to make a reasonable investment decision.
    • It marked a decline in power of the industrialists in favor of financiers.
    • This book will help you identify legitimate financiers and how to sell them on your business plan.
    • Potential financiers are performing more thorough due diligence and taking longer to commit to funding.
    • Some financiers ask for a deposit one to three months in advance.
    • A day later, the mood was grim and many corporate financiers were not willing to comment on the prospects for the tech sector.
    • A single car provides employment to financiers, dealers and transporters.
    • Yet a small group of CEOs and financiers managed to save the family silver before the house burned to the ground.
    • They spend up to a year consulting lawyers, patent officials, technical experts and financiers to pull each project together.
    • A single-owner collection, that of the late financier Keith Carpenter, forms the backbone of the sale.
    • Only a few Norwegians asserted themselves as financiers and captains of industry.
    • Rather, it is a development on which business managers and financiers can project their anxieties.