Traducción de finger en Español:


dedo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɪŋɡər//ˈfɪŋɡə/


  • 1

    (of hand)
    dedo masculino
    first / index finger (dedo) índice masculino
    • middle finger dedo corazón
    • third / ring finger (dedo) anular
    • little / fourth finger (dedo) meñique
    • you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times … se pueden contar con los dedos de una mano las veces …
    • to lay a finger on sb ponerle a algn la mano encima
    • if you so much as lay a finger on her … si le llegas a poner la mano encima …
    • Avoid positions that push your other fingers toward your little finger.
    • The money was used to buy a pulse oximeter, a hand-held piece of equipment which is attached to an ear lobe or finger and checks lung function quickly and easily.
    • This painless device shines a reddish glowing light from a sensor attached to a finger or toe and determines how much oxygen is in the blood.
    • As she approached I held up four fingers and raised my eyebrows questioningly.
    • Proceed with moving your ring finger and then your pinky finger toward your thumb.
    • For one to two weeks after that, you'll be able to move the top two joints on your fingers, but your knuckles must remain still.
    • The arthritis can affect any joints in the body, but generally it affects the most distant joints of the fingers and toes.
    • I've instantly singed the hair from the upper joints of my fingers through misjudgment of these little details.
    • Keep the ball in the inside of your hand, go through and squeeze the ball with your fingers from little finger through to the thumb and back.
    • Typically the joints of the fingers and toes are affected, although the back, knees and hips may be too.
    • In this test, you bend your thumb across the palm of your hand and bend your fingers down over your thumb.
    • The hands may be broad with short fingers; the little finger may only have one joint instead of two and be slightly curved.
    • Looking back at Tim, he held out his left hand with four fingers up to indicate how many guards were there.
    • He presses his undamaged left hand with bent fingers and out-stretched thumb onto his chest in a gesture of adoration and self-dedication.
    • As a young boy I had an accident that resulted in the loss of four fingers on my right hand and three on my left hand.
    • Call if your child has any injury that makes movement of his arms, legs, fingers, or toes difficult.
    • There was some movement in the hand especially the fingers, thumb and little finger.
    • It is normal for children to suck their thumbs, their fingers or pacifiers.
    • Common warts usually occur on your hands, fingers or near your fingernails.
    • To illustrate the point, he tapped the left pectoral region of his chest with four fingers.
  • 2

    • 2.1(of glove)

      dedo masculino
      • Take the gloves, cut off the fingers and push the glove over your wrist and onto your arm.
      • She had black leather gloves on with the fingers cut off and black trousers.
      • In winter we wrap up in scarves and Steptoe-style gloves with the fingers cut out.
      • She was wearing blue calf-length jeans with her stomach exposed and gloves with various coloured fingers.
      • Sooner or later, I will have to buy some gloves and cut the fingers off so that I can keep typing.

    • 2.2informal (as measure)

      dedo masculino
      give me two fingers of Scotch sírveme dos dedos de whisky
      • He leaned forward, carefully removed the ice from a glass set before him and them motioned to the waiter to pour in precisely three fingers of Pastis.
      • If you have 2 or more fingers of drink to allocate they can be distributed between more than one player.
      • I dropped ice into the largest glass I could find and poured out about eight fingers of the sweet liquid.

    • 2.3(of land)

      lengua femenino
      • Colonies of this bryozoan (Sea Chervil) look like wavy brown fingers of sponge.
      • Large fingers of kelp sway and beckon us out to sea.
      • Serve with toasted fingers of ciabatta, but remember to bring it to room temperature before serving - fridge-cold pâté will not do.
      • Individually moulded fingers of sushi rice seemed too formal, so I spread the rice in a thick layer over the banana leaf, and laid generous slices of tuna over it.
      • Serve with fingers of toasted sour dough Poilâne bread and thin sticks of crisp vegetables.

    • 2.4Tecnología
      (pointer on scale)

      aguja femenino
      fiel masculino

    • 2.5Aviación

      finger masculino
      pasarela telescópica femenino

  • 3EEUU argot

    soplón masculino coloquial
    soplona femenino coloquial

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    tentalear México
    • Some of them were fiddling with the ball, while others fingered the handle of the bat, and others just sat with their feet against the gate before them with a tense look on their faces.
    • He would finger each bag for a minute, touching and stroking, and then finally moving it into a larger plastic bag.
    • Coughing a little as her coffee caught in her throat, she lowered the mug and fingered its handle nervously.
    • He fingers his thick gold chain as he pauses for a moment.
    • Reaching out tentatively towards me, he fingered the pair of rings I always wore on a chain around my neck.
    • The boy and the dog relish the scamper, but the pedlar fingers his rosary to ward off the threat of a drenching.
    • He grabbed my hand and fingered the ring he had given me.
    • She fingered the thin cloth covering her brother, opening her mouth to speak, and then quickly shutting it as if thinking better of it.
    • Søren followed her back into the main room, fingering the thin hair clip he had secured to the cuff of his shirt sleeve.
    • With a ‘harumpf’ or two, the judge fingered his walrus type moustache and started to explain.
    • Gently he fingered several curls that touched his shoulder.
    • ‘Your mom hates me,’ Jimmy said skeptically and fingered the door handle of my car, while remaining tense.
    • I felt a hand touch my hair, fingering it and letting it drop, strand by strand.
    • Velmon fingered his mustache and thought a moment.
    • I stared at the bible she had laid on my lap and I fingered the worn edges, touched that she had given me her first bible.
    • Gently, Gabrielle fingered her cheek, but even at the lightest touch it hurt.
  • 2

    • 2.1Música

      • ‘I must say, though,’ she said thoughtfully, fingering her violin.
      • It's easy to imagine this sort of music being played by a brace of competent but anonymous session musicians with beards and ponytails stroking saxophones and fingering fretless bass guitars.
      • A few days after that fateful jam session, Rocky was sitting at home, fingering his guitar to a tune only he knew.
      • Rowan could just picture her, her hands fingering the beautiful flute as her eyes scanned the sea.
      • All this from a man who can finger a fretboard like nobody's business.

    • 2.2Música

      (note/piece) marcar la digitación de
      • Pianist Eddie Heywood deftly fingers the bridge on the last chorus.
      • The lead guitarist begins to finger an intricate melody, then turns around to face the audience, a spotlight on him.
      • The lower oboes are treated as transposing instruments, their parts written to be fingered like treble oboe parts.
      • Timidly plucking a string, I fingered the lead guitar of ‘Smoke on the Water’.
      • By now he was in a huddle with two locals, fingering silent chords while one of them played something softly on a penny whistle.
      • Dick used the drum sticks to bang out the notes on the bass, with Tommy fingering the chords on the fret.

  • 3argot

    (inform on)
    • He was uncovered after his employers fingered him to police over the affair.
    • He was identified by name in a New York Times story on Monday, presumably because he was fingered by officials on Sunday.
    • They have created their own surreal world where criminals are fingered before they commit crimes.
    • These rapidly became forays into entrapment of innocent people fingered by prison snitches trying to get their sentences reduced.
    • They say reporting suspected illegals over the Web will result in people being mistakenly fingered, or let people with a grudge turn in innocent victims.
    • But going online and fingering him accomplishes nothing.
    • You risk fingering some guy who's your neighbor and a potential advertiser and subscriber.
    • In his statement, is he essentially accusing the doctor of fingering him?
    • Yen knew without a doubt that even if the squeaky clean Don had something to do with it, they'd never be able to finger him.
    • Well, at the end, those people, the prisoners will be able to finger the people who tortured them or badly treated them.
    • The rationale for such state rules is that an accomplice has little incentive to testify truthfully, especially if he can cut a deal by fingering someone else.
    • But again, if the best that the state can do in this case is cite statistics as their basis for fingering him with this crime, it will be a good day for the defense.
    • He escapes repeatedly, only to be gunned down after he's fingered by a woman friend.
    • But that doesn't mean defense attorneys and reformers should resign themselves to a conviction every time a client is fingered by a victim's last words.
    • Over the next month, he tried to find out who had fingered him and what he could do to get his own back.