Traducción de fink en Español:


mequetrefe, n.

Pronunciación /fɪŋk//fɪŋk/


  • 1

    (contemptible person)
    (masculine and feminine) mequetrefe coloquial
    • And while we're talking definitions, perhaps the five-star fink who took my display would like to brush up on the definition of good citizenship.
    • Well, somehow the sneaky fink hacked my computer login and was using my computer to download the most horrible and pathetic porn out there.
    • But what makes the documentary Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room more riveting than anything Hollywood could dream up is all the damning footage those deluded finks left behind.
    • You are a rat fink who should be tarred and feathered.
  • 2

    soplón masculino coloquial
    soplona femenino coloquial
    • The social set is torn between pegging him as a total rat fink or a noble whistle-blower.
    • Could you deal with the fallout if she discovered you're the the fink who told?
    • I'm not a rat fink squealer! You think I'm going to tell you anything that would put my friends at risk?
    • Looking back, I saw two sets of feet: my mother's slippered ones, and the small pink toes of the fink who told on me.
    • You really are deluded if you go on believing in your ‘hero’ in the face of all the evidence that he's a fink, and a not very bright one at that.
    • We are in the Eggshell Era, in which everyone has to tiptoe around because there's a world of busybodies out there who are being paid to catch you out - and a public that is slowly being trained to accept a culture of finks.
    • What a fink. I can't believe he practically put the candy in my pockets and now he's taking me down with him.
  • 3despectivo

    (strike breaker)
    (masculine and feminine) rompehuelgas despectivo
    esquirol masculino España despectivo coloquial
    esquirola femenino España despectivo coloquial
    carnero masculino Río de la Plata despectivo coloquial
    carnera femenino Río de la Plata despectivo coloquial
    • And a little blond feller, I don't know who he was, yelled, ‘Hey, there's a fink here, starting to move goods!’
    • There were a few door guards to protect the ‘finks’.
    • We took some of our best militant workers, entered the plant and drove the finks out.

verbo intransitivo


  • 1

    ir con el soplo sobre algn coloquial
    dar el chivatazo sobre algn España coloquial
    to fink on sb (inform on) delatar a algn