Traducción de fire alarm en Español:

fire alarm

alarma contra incendios, n.


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    (apparatus) alarma contra incendios femenino
    (signal) alarma femenino
    • He was also seen by a guest on the second floor, where the false fire alarm had been activated, but claimed he had been patrolling elsewhere.
    • The classic myth, as described above, is that people exit immediately when they hear a fire alarm.
    • Just a few weeks ago a fire alarm blew during one of my exams.
    • The cost of installing a fire alarm is in the region of £600, a small investment that could save a life.
    • He hadn't heard a fire alarm and was shocked to see the heavy smoke.
    • The nearest fire department's response time to a fire alarm is at least 30 minutes.
    • This time the ringing noise wasn't the fire alarm, but the dinner bell.
    • That was when the idiots decided to test the fire alarm without the usual warning over the speakers.
    • The first few people were leaving the building in response to the fire alarm.
    • Last May, seven people died in a stampede following a false fire alarm.
    • Staff first became aware of the blaze after smelling smoke in the restaurant and told people they had to leave when a fire alarm was activated.
    • Hundreds of employees had to evacuate the School Place offices in Kirkwall on Thursday morning after a false fire alarm.
    • The fire brigade was called to the scene by the warden of the flats after the blaze triggered a fire alarm.
    • The longer the silence continued, the more I wanted to pull the fire alarm and run for the nearest exit.
    • The fire alarm sounded at 12.33 am in the early hours of the Monday.
    • He could feel the heat they generated and for a brief moment wondered how they hadn't set off the fire alarm.
    • A single fire crew will be sent to incidents where an automatic fire alarm has gone off, rather than the three or more appliances currently sent.
    • One girl bolted to the fire alarm and pulled it, setting the siren wailing and then sprinting for the door.
    • The fire alarm deploys a curtain covering the paintings, and then activates the sprinklers.
    • The offending fire alarm was now completely detached from the wall.