Traducción de fire company en Español:

fire company

equipo de bomberos, n.



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    equipo de bomberos masculino
    retén de bomberos masculino España
    compañía de bomberos femenino Chile
    • Such portraits documented fire companies for the benefit of their members, their stations and for posterity.
    • Membership in the Continental Army only strengthened feelings of national loyalty, just as membership in a fire company might strengthen group and local loyalty.
    • They are singing the fire company's praises now.
    • A fire company on Woodward used our street as a passageway on its eastward runs and trucks clanged regularly through the neighborhood day and night.
    • As a young businessman he established a volunteer fire company and the American Philosophical Society.
    • Backstage, people are collecting money for the Eighth Avenue fire company.
    • It was generally felt that the police should be called, although the fire company, a rescue squad, and even a locksmith were also suggested.
    • When a huge ice storm felled trees and power lines in the Buchanan Valley in March 1996, Adams and the local fire company worked as a team.
    • Men in particular gained a sense of belonging within the community and became actively involved in the local civic life of fire companies, fraternal orders, and militia companies.
    • When I was a child, many fire companies were staffed by volunteer groups and the firehouses and their adjacent recreation halls were also centers of social activity.
    • At least in the big cities the glorious and tumultuous era of the volunteer fire company was over, although it lives on in almost every small American town today.
    • The fire company was here and they said, I can't live here now.
    • An early morning fire broke out two blocks from the church, with fire companies from up to 40 miles away responding.
    • In an ideal world the fire company never leaves the firehouse… hopefully they learn how to play chess really well.
    • In their eagerness to surpass their rivals, friendly competition between fire companies deteriorated into daily skirmishes and riots between gangs of dandies and rowdies.
    • In 1832 Philadelphia firemen paraded on the birthday of their most famous volunteer, George Washington, with a display by thirty-seven fire companies and the applause of a crowd numbering more than one hundred thousand.
    • His first step was to join a volunteer fire company.
    • The fire company was the quintessential New World melting pot in which the nobility of the cause and the merit of the mission outweighed the rank or ancestry of the individual.
    • The choice of a company symbol was crucial to the fire company because it resonated so strongly in the minds of observers.
    • More than 500 fire officers had come too, smart in their silver-buttoned navy suits, white or navy caps, white gloves and silver collar pins which proudly give the letters and numbers of the fire companies they represent.