Traducción de fire engine en Español:

fire engine

carro de bomberos, n.


  • 1

    carro de bomberos masculino
    coche de bomberos masculino España
    autobomba masculino Río de la Plata
    bomba femenino Chile
    • Both an ambulance and a fire engine, heading to separate emergency calls, were delayed.
    • Residents said they fear that next time it could be a fire engine or ambulance that could barred by thoughtlessly parked vehicles.
    • From a health and safety point of view, could a fire engine or ambulance have easy access on to the estate in an emergency?
    • One fire engine and a specialist salvage unit, which carries flood related equipment, attended the incident.
    • Emma and Sarah had the unexpected opportunity to sit in the cab of a real fire engine.
    • The officer who suffered the most serious injuries had to be cut free from the cab of the fire engine.
    • A fire engine appeared first and the firefighters gave James oxygen before an ambulance arrived to take him to hospital.
    • One fire engine remained outside, along with two uniformed police officers.
    • There were no vehicles on the island apart from one fire engine, one police car and one ambulance.
    • Every fire engine in Greater Manchester could soon be equipped with equipment to save the lives of heart attack victims.
    • A big fire engine manned by a team of firefighters would come out to the neighbourhood and set up a ladder and rescue the animal.
    • Seconds later they are climbing aboard their fire engine, the double doors open and the vehicle flings forward into the traffic.
    • The fire engine had hit his car heavily and ploughed into pedestrians.
    • Before the railway company could remove the carriages from the track however a fire engine got stuck on the line.
    • Local firefighters took a fire engine to join his funeral procession.
    • Do you want your children trapped in a fire because it was cheaper to send a fire engine rather than an ambulance to a heart attack?
    • The police and fire brigade joined in, with a dog handling demonstration and the chance to have a close-up look at a fire engine.
    • At least one officer is needed to properly man a fire engine.
    • An investigation has been launched after a father of two died when his car was hit by a fire engine which went through a red light.
    • If an ambulance, police car or fire engine is attending a hoax call then it can't be at a real emergency.