Traducción de fire escape en Español:

fire escape

escalera de incendios, n.


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    escalera de incendios femenino
    • He veered right and started frantically climbing the fire escape, only to feel a tug on his shirt.
    • A few years ago, a family of mistle thrushes looking for somewhere to live chose the corner of a factory fire escape in Trafford Park.
    • The Inspector scaled a fire escape at the back of the building, captured the bird and released it into the nearby river.
    • He suggested there should be a fire escape in addition to the main staircase.
    • They were near an overflowing dumpster, and a fire escape heading up into one of the buildings.
    • The right side of the fire escape broke free from the brick building and swung down towards the street.
    • There is a lift service to the upper floors and a fire escape to the rear provides access to Anne's Lane and Dawson Street.
    • Part of the problem was the design of a fire escape at the back of the building.
    • He sighed as he leapt to the fire escape and climbed down the stairs.
    • He turned, glancing back at me to make sure I was following, and went over to the fire escape.
    • I climbed up to the first platform on the fire escape and turned around to see Tina still on the ground.
    • He walked over toward the stairs of the fire escape and tried pushing them down again but to no avail.
    • He leapt back out onto the fire escape and decided to head for the roof and hope that he would be able to jump to a building.
    • There was a bookshelf with books stacked all over it and a few windows, one which had a fire escape next to it.
    • Her eyes soon caught sight of a fire escape that led to the top of the building.
    • I heard the cops running up from behind me and ran and leapt onto a nearby fire escape and climbed to the roof.
    • It swung downward jerkily, allowing access from the ground and up onto the fire escape.
    • Joey placed an ax on his shoulder, then climbed the fire escape to the new roof.
    • As a result of Mr Kirby's complaint, two officers from York Fire Safety investigated the fire escape yesterday.
    • Only a little light seeps in from the alley as Tom walks toward the fire escape.