Traducción de fire irons en Español:

fire irons

accesorios para la chimenea, n.

sustantivo plural

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    accesorios para la chimenea masculino
    • The fireplace has elaborate fire irons and the mantelpiece which is covered with ornaments has an elaborate velvet drape embroidered with swans.
    • At Gimson's smithy in the village itself three blacksmiths realized his designs for architectural and furniture fittings as well as decorative objects of brass and polished steel such as candlesticks and fire irons.
    • If I'm going to get an electric coal effect fire I have little need for fire irons.
    • The blacksmiths Frank Baldwin and his son Fred also became skilled at producing the fire irons, fenders, and candle sconces in forged steel and brass that enliven the massive stone fireplaces.
    • The idle chatter ceased when the Ancient Diver rapped the fire irons with his phosphor-bronze leg, fashioned for him from the propellers of the Lusitania in 1921 by Sir Henry Moore, the noted sculptor and diving pioneer.