Traducción de firebug en Español:


incendiario, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfaɪ(ə)rˌbəɡ//ˈfʌɪəbʌɡ/



  • 1

    incendiario masculino
    incendiaria femenino
    pirómano masculino
    pirómana femenino
    • Firefighters called to the incidents yesterday said the irresponsible actions of firebugs caused a huge grassland blaze close to a supermarket and almost caused a serious factory fire on an industrial estate.
    • The project will see a special crew, armed with a truck, hunting down and carting away piles of rubbish before firebugs can strike.
    • A Burnley resident is living in fear of her house going up in smoke after firebugs targeted neighbouring derelict properties.
    • Young firebugs twice set fire to a one tonne bale of hay close to homes in Heysham.
    • Young firebugs are being shown the error of their ways - by learning how to be firefighters.
    • While adult offenders would face prison terms of up to 14 years, young firebugs would be made to confront burns victims and families who lost homes.
    • He blamed it all on firebugs and said heavier jail sentences were needed for arsonists.
    • Police have set up a special task force to combat the activities of teenage firebugs believed to be behind a spate of arson attacks in Chippenham.
    • Youngsters are facing a summer without a youth club after firebugs torched a sports pavilion, destroying its sports equipment.
    • A city-wide search last night failed to locate the fugitive firebug, and police fear that he may strike again.
    • The police were then notified and, with minimal interrogation, the alleged firebug confessed to the gamut of crimes he was accused of.
    • A young boy's carefully nurtured flowerbeds went up in smoke this week when firebugs set light to allotments and destroyed everything in their midst.
    • An arson reduction team based at Nelson Street in Bradford already works to stamp out firebugs who target schools.
    • An arson attack victim has spoken of her fear after finding that firebugs had set fire to her front door.
    • Fire crews were called to the home in the early hours after it is believed firebugs entered the basement and started the inferno.
    • Foolish firebugs who torched piles of rubbish across York early today have been accused of endangering lives.
    • Fire chiefs today vowed to tackle school arsonists after new figures revealed firebugs were behind hundreds of fires costing more than £7m.
    • Eleven arson attacks were launched over the weekend when firebugs set light to rubbish next to residents' homes across Morecambe.
    • Wasteland which has turned into a regular target for firebugs has been lit again - three times in two-and-a-half hours.
    • A derelict social club plagued by firebugs could soon be demolished.