Traducción de Firewire en Español:


Firewire, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfaɪəwaɪə(r)//ˈfaɪrwaɪr/


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    Firewire masculino marca registrada
    (connection/port/drive) Firewire masculino marca registrada
    • At the bottom of the case are the two USB ports, a FireWire connection and a mic and headphone jack.
    • The image is captured, digitized, and transferred to a PC over a FireWire interface.
    • Given that it features video editing capabilities, I would have like to have seen a FireWire connection included.
    • Modem and networking are included, as is a FireWire port for cameras, disks and other devices.
    • When we plug in a FireWire drive or a USB storage device (such as a camcorder, an MP3 player or a digital camera), the device shows up on the desktop, in the appropriate applications and in the directory.