Traducción de firing squad en Español:

firing squad

pelotón de fusilamiento, n.


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    pelotón de fusilamiento masculino
    • The American and Spanish ministers made unsuccessful appeals for postponement of her execution in Germany, and she was shot by a firing squad on October 12, 1915.
    • They went through the farce of a court martial and were then shot by a firing squad.
    • Nearly everyone cheered as the firing squad refused to shoot the revolutionary sailors.
    • I witnessed soldiers executing people by firing squad.
    • He could be sentenced to death by firing squad if he's convicted.
    • His fate, death by firing squad, would hardly seem a cause for celebration.
    • Three weeks later, Cole was shot by a firing squad.
    • Believe it or not, death by hanging and firing squad are still legal in a few states.
    • The day after he was fired, the President was shot by the firing squad.
    • Shortly before Christmas 1943 a young Scottish officer faced a Japanese firing squad in an anonymous execution ground in Hong Kong.
    • The sentence of death is traditionally carried out by an army firing squad.
    • If he is not given a pardon, he will be executed by a five-man firing squad.
    • After a one-day trial in Ho Chi Minh City, an Australian citizen has been sentenced to death by firing squad in Vietnam for drug smuggling.
    • At the time, the only other methods in use in this country were the gas chamber, firing squad and gallows.
    • The fate of the 306 British Empire soldiers executed by firing squad, mainly on the Western Front, had been one of the hidden tragedies of the First World War.
    • The firing squad usually fires at least three shots - at the neck, waist and ankle, he said.
    • Nine other Australians face death by firing squad after being detained last month at Bali airport with several bags of heroin allegedly strapped to their bodies.
    • He returned to Naples, now in Bourbon hands, and was shot by firing squad.
    • Then the commander of the firing squad went forward and shot each in the forehead.
    • But remembrance is not enough for the relatives of the British servicemen executed at dawn by firing squads.