Traducción de first class en Español:

first class

de primera clase, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌfəːstˈklɑːs/


  • 1

    (of highest grade)
    (hotel/ticket) de primera clase
    (travel) en primera (clase)
    she has a first-class degree (en América Latina) se recibió con la nota más alta
    • the acting was first class la actuación fue de primera
    • The sample that I inspected showed superb quality walnut stock and hand guards, first-class metal finish and flawless functioning.
    • It was laid out in the style of a first-class train carriage.
    • Dickens's was the only one of seven first-class carriages not to fall off the viaduct.
    • Excellent customer service backed by first-class technology will be our prime area of focus during this year.
    • It's always a pleasure to try fruit driven wines, produced from local grapes which have been enhanced by careful selection, skillful blending and first-class wine-making skills.
    • They all demonstrated to me that high-quality, robust software was running on first-class hardware.
    • Many of those trapped and injured were in the front first-class carriage, which took the brunt of the impact.
    • Indeed, if these plans do go ahead, they could put Swindon on the sporting map providing first-class facilities for elite and grass roots-level athletes in a number of sports.
    • The flights will be on Boeing 757 aircraft configured with 24 first-class seats and 158 seats in coach.
    • Increased usage of first-class carriages by black people at a time when some suburbs were being Afrikanerized irked Nationalists, who decided to bring Cape Town into line.
    • One does not sit in a first-class coach if the train ticket is for a second-class seat.
    • In 2000 he began the Scottish phase of his career by boarding the first-class carriage of a Virgin train headed for Edinburgh.
    • Although the 1st Infantry Division was a first-class unit, it did suffer the occasional bad officer.
    • Sam's brother Valentine had a more orthodox career as a soldier, until the day he boarded a first-class railway carriage to travel from Liphook to Waterloo Station.
    • We have a superior range of products to offer and first-class financial advice to go with them.
    • Its top-notch dining, elegantly restored 1920s-era grandeur, and first-class service earn raves from business travelers.
    • The cricket facilities were superior to what most first-class grounds produce in New Zealand.
    • We had arrived in the morning by a first-class - only train - Abela - from Cairo.
    • One of the driving forces behind Advancing Together, the region's strategic framework, is the need to provide a first-class quality of life for everyone and be intolerant of discrimination.
    • He smoothed his hand across the glass of his first-class carriage window.
    • I was really conscious that Dad would be sitting in a first-class carriage we hadn't paid for, dressed in jeans and a polo shirt, while everyone else was in sharp suits.
    • He now says he wants to set up a regular service with first-class Pullman carriages only, running from Blackpool to Scarborough.
    • At Rugby the attention of the station officials was drawn to the fact that the door of one of the first-class carriages was open.
    • It was a first-class test of analysis, selection and integration which demonstrated a student's ability to think clearly before making a judgment.
    • Editor John McLellan has worked exceptionally hard to make his a first-class evening newspaper.
    • The teak-bodied carriage has two first-class compartments - one for smokers and the other for non-smokers - and two toilets.
    • Granted, it was the first-class carriage and there had been a slight problem in buying postcards before the journey.
    • His selection was proved to be first-class when, after just three minutes Simon landed a penalty from halfway and a quarter of an hour later did the same again.
    • I was in the next first-class carriage behind them, sprawled in the nearly-empty car on the plush red seats.
    • But where can you go to find sublime destinations and premier lodging when you really want to go first-class?
    • It so happens we have three first-class stadia in Glasgow and a lot of matches will take place there.
    • The children of Ballou deserve a chance at the first-class quality of education Whitman students receive.
    • Posing as a QC, he boarded the first-class carriage of an Edinburgh-bound Virgin train and complained his wallet and laptop had been stolen.
  • 2

    • 2.1(excellent)

      (performance/athlete/book) de primera
      (athlete/book/performance) de primer orden
      (bore/idiot) de marca mayor

    • 2.2(full-blown)

      (foul-up/row/scandal) de primera magnitud

  • 3Britanico

    (highest priority)
    first-class mail correspondencia enviada a una tarifa superior, que garantiza una rápida entrega
  • 4EEUU

    private first class cabo primero masculino
    • sergeant first class brigada


  • 1

    (fly/travel) en primera (clase)