Traducción de First Lady en Español:

First Lady

primera dama, n.


  • 1

    (in US: wife of president, governor)
    primera dama femenino
    • The president and the first lady know that that's what the public wants and demands.
    • Not every producer receives a phone call from the first lady commending his film.
    • There's a camaraderie, a collegiality among former presidents and present presidents and first ladies that I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.
    • And we leave you know with a picture of the president and the first lady returning to the South Lawn of the White House.
    • And you don't think, therefore, the president or the first lady owe us an explanation of this at all.
    • A few scholars have addressed the issue of the duties of the first lady.
    • With coaching from her father, the kindergartner has learned the names of world leaders, all 15 cabinet members, past presidents, first ladies and constitutional amendments.
    • She was later escorted by the president and the first lady to Air Force One for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
    • The president and the first lady should be the chief guests.
    • The first lady will speak to the World Economic Forum tomorrow in Jordan.
    • One obvious result that emerges from an examination of the character of presidents and first ladies is that very few White House couples shared the same character traits.
    • It's brought the president and the first lady back to Washington from Camp David.
    • The president and first lady attended St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington this morning.
    • Our viewers can see the president and the first lady walking in now.
    • Indeed, it behooves us to consider the first lady as such scholarship can inform presidential studies.
  • 2first lady

    (leading woman in her field)
    primera dama femenino
    • The first lady of underground rock is always a welcome presence on the music scene, but there's nothing here she hasn't done before and better.
    • The rest of the ride is the sort of reflective, acoustic rock that will probably see her hailed as the new first lady of folk, but her appeal should be more wide-ranging.