Traducción de first lieutenant en Español:

first lieutenant

teniente, n.


  • 1

    (in US)
    teniente masculino
    (en Río de la Plata) teniente primero
    (en Colombia) teniente capitán
  • 2

    (in UK)
    teniente de navío masculino
    • Piper, made no fewer than 39 patrols as a third hand, first lieutenant and Commanding Officer, in Ursula, Unbeaten and Unsparing.
    • Appointed first lieutenant in the Continental navy in 1775, Jones received the command of the eighteen-gun sloop Ranger in 1777.
    • Today Jacqueline is a graduate and a first lieutenant in the Royal Navy.
    • Another of the officers at the drumhead court, the first lieutenant is also the second in command of the ship.
    • Further confusion was added by William Pryce Cunby, first lieutenant on Nelson's flagship, Bellerophon, who gave it as: ‘England expects that every man will do his duty.’
    • It was said, for example, that an engineer four-striper at Sheerness expressed interest, while visiting a submarine, in the business of submerging: he asked the first lieutenant where he got the water from to fill main ballast tanks.
    • Despite his poor fitness reports, he was promoted to first lieutenant while on the ship.