Traducción de first strike en Español:

first strike


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    to make a pre-emptive first strike (para destruir el arsenal nuclear enemigo) atacar primero
    • If other elements are factored into the polling - should we wait for allied support, should we give the U.N. more time for diplomacy, for example - a majority of us oppose a first-strike approach.
    • These are advanced first-strike aircraft that can evade radar, which the military plans to fund to the tune of $200 billion over the next 25 years.
    • Ministers and Defence chiefs are understood to be in advanced negotiations over developing a new range of much smaller and cheaper nuclear weapons that could be used to launch first-strike attacks on enemies.
    • We've already got more than enough for deterrence and a first-strike ability.
    • This made it both a first-strike weapon, capable of decimating entire regions, thus incapacitating the enemy, or making it a retaliatory weapon, capable of exacting revenge.
    • Useful only in a first-strike scenario, communications from the transmitter would alert submarines to begin operations, leading to a potential launch of their nuclear weapons.
    • It doesn't casually threaten first-strike use of nuclear weapons.
    • We believe it will be used in a first-strike capacity.
    • It was seen as a first-strike weapon and a very destabilizing presence in the bilateral relationship.
    • At the same time, Denmark is a full member of Nato, a nuclear alliance based on the nuclear first-strike principle.