Traducción de fitting room en Español:

fitting room

probador, n.


  • 1

    probador masculino
    • He abhorred the idea of wasting valuable retail space on fitting rooms but recognised that if a shop had nowhere to try on clothes, customers would have to do so at home.
    • I headed to the fitting room and began trying on the clothes.
    • I slunk into the fitting room wishing I'd devoted the morning to cleaning the bathroom, or learning to crochet.
    • I took the dress from him and went into one of the fitting rooms.
    • There is absolutely no heat in the fitting rooms.
    • ‘Thanks,’ I said, and stepped back into the fitting room to change back into my normal clothes.
    • Jordan disappeared back into the fitting room and put back on her regular clothes.
    • I had a cart full of clothes and was waiting for a fitting room to become available.
    • They entered a small hallway that led to individual fitting rooms.
    • I wandered around, made my choice and disappeared into the small chamber of horrors known as the fitting room.
    • Hurriedly, I left the fitting rooms, and walked to the other side of the department store, and grabbed my cell phone out of my back pocket.
    • Eventually, I find myself in the fitting rooms.
    • Between forays to the fitting rooms, customers can relax on the store's large, comfortable sofas and contemplate purchases as they sip the complimentary refreshments or search magazines for inspiration.
    • ‘The fitting rooms are right over there’ she said, pointing to a room in the back of the store.
    • ‘I don't know,’ Justine rubbed her chin as I came out from the fitting room with my regular clothes on.
    • ‘Okay,’ I said hesitantly, walking into of the fitting rooms.
    • I go into the fitting rooms and start to try on the jackets.
    • She said women were going into a small foyer next to the fitting rooms to give their men's clothes the once-over, but that some strayed into the actual changing room area.
    • Taylor walked down the halls and to the fitting room where Rochelle was just finishing up another girl, who had a ripped seam.
    • The space is flooded with natural light from a very large storefront window, and the fitting rooms are spacious and draped with dramatic burgundy velvet curtains.