Traducción de fixed costs en Español:

fixed costs

costos fijos, n.

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    costos fijos masculino
    costes fijos masculino España
    • They finally had enough revenues to cover their fixed costs and marketing expenses.
    • In industries with relatively high fixed costs, price discrimination is pursued vigorously.
    • In contrast to fixed costs, variable costs change in direct proportion to the number of patients.
    • You have fixed costs, you have variable costs, and you have profit margins.
    • You don't have as much built-in overhead or as many fixed costs as companies that have been around longer tend to have.
    • They have laid off staff and renegotiated fixed costs, from lease payments to Internet access.
    • That's partly because of the huge fixed costs of running factories even through periods of low demand.
    • You have grown quickly and taken on fixed costs but you cannot convert the level of business into cash quickly enough to meet your fixed costs.
    • The beer business is one where fixed costs are high, so scale is vital.
    • However, he said the hotel business had changed over the past decade, with fixed costs a growing concern.
    • Railroads could not recover their fixed costs by offering prices that covered only the marginal costs of the interstate trip.
    • The fixed costs, variable costs, the interest expense and depreciation are allowable deductions.
    • Main financial variables were hospital operating costs, fixed costs, and variable costs.
    • They want to know my outgoings, my fixed costs, my capital outlay, my VAT number, my date of incorporation.
    • Retailers have high fixed costs, so small movements in trading volumes have a disproportionately large impact on earnings.
    • First, as scale economies grow, fixed costs rise and marginal costs fall.
    • In fact, as the business grows and increases its fixed costs, its operating profit margins are likely to suffer in the short run.
    • That is because the high fixed costs make the marginal cost of adding passengers on a partially-filled flight almost negligible.
    • It may be that such a company has underpriced its products, leaving it insufficient margin to cover its fixed costs.
    • Short on revenues, the company had high fixed costs, including rent for office space, furniture, and computers.