Traducción de fixed income en Español:

fixed income

renta fija, n.


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    renta fija femenino
    before noun fixed income securities valores de renta fija masculino
    • Now, even the fixed-income business is reeling.
    • The fixed-income markets, interest rates and monetary policy are touched on lightly, if at all.
    • The fixed-income component offers a steady income stream and some protection of the investors' capital.
    • For years, the money management firm has managed equity and fixed-income investments for institutional and individual clients.
    • Inflation erodes the value of fixed-income securities.
    • In addition, investing in these bonds may help to diversify your fixed-income holdings.
    • The rule at my firm is that any money you need in the next 10 years needs to be invested in high-quality, fixed-income securities.
    • And with rates up, high-priced real estate is becoming less attractive relative to some fixed-income investments.
    • Securitization is the creation of fixed-income securities backed by mortgage and auto loans, credit-card receivables, and the like.
    • The yields on preferred securities, typically higher than other fixed-income investments, are paid every quarter.
    • It is the guarantee of a specific return at a specific time that gives bonds - also called fixed-income investments - their strength in an economy fraught with uncertainty.
    • His day job is running fixed-income portfolios for an investment firm that doesn't even manage equities.
    • From a fixed-income perspective, there are a couple of sectors that are attractive.
    • Catastrophic fixed-income investments, or cat bonds, are an alternative that offers the prospect of returns as high as 20%.
    • With dropping interest rates, fixed-income investment options such as savings and deposits are no longer attractive as people seek other investment alternatives to get higher returns.
    • We also offer advice on how to grow your portfolio through fixed-income investments, such as municipal or convertible bonds.
    • So, despite all the fear about rising rates, the fixed-income area doesn't seem to be too worried at the moment.
    • The remaining part of the equation is how much money you can draw from your savings each year, usually via a combination of collecting interest from the fixed-income portion and selling off some of your stocks.
    • And lower interest rates and fears of a bond market bubble have made fixed-income securities less attractive to some investors.
    • Since she is relatively young, she should be more growth oriented and get out of the fixed-income end.