Traducción de flannelette en Español:


franela (de algodón), n.

Pronunciación /ˌflænəˈlɛt//ˌflanəˈlɛt/


  • 1

    franela (de algodón) femenino
    bombasí masculino Río de la Plata
    • He wore a flannelette shirt over a black long sleeved shirt.
    • I also had long hair, ripped jeans, and a penchant for flannelette shirts.
    • A few seconds later she came back wearing a pair of pink flannelette track pants with a matching jumper.
    • In the winter she'd warm a flannelette sheet on the fire guard.
    • I was wearing dirty sneakers, a flannelette shirt and didn't look very suitable at all.