Traducción de flash-freeze en Español:


ultracongelar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈflæʃˌfriz/

verbo transitivo

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    • Through flash-freezing of specimens and use of a low-temperature scanning electron microscope, scientists have obtained images of mites caught in the act of feeding.
    • Supported lipid bilayers were assembled on an oxidized silicon substrate, then flash-frozen and freeze-dried to preserve their lateral organization.
    • Crystals were flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen, using the mother liquor as cryoprotectant.
    • Samples were flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at - 80°C.
    • At the appropriate ages, mice were sacrificed by CO 2 asphyxiation followed by cervical dislocation, and tissues were immediately dissected, flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen, and stored at - 80°.
    • There are also select areas used to flash-freeze items that aren't frozen.
    • It's flash-frozen shortly after being caught, so it can be even fresher-tasting than a never-frozen counterpart that has languished during shipping.
    • In some cases, vegetables that are flash-frozen right on the farm, then packaged and shipped within a day of picking, are a better choice.
    • Seeing an opportunity, Birdseye began to experiment with flash-freezing various foods and, in 1922, started his first food-service company, Birdseye Seafoods.
    • Exotic fish are being caught, processed, flash-frozen and fed to restaurants in the United States.
    • As the craft forcibly repressurized, everything loose began to tumble outward, to be cooked, flash-frozen, and crushed all at once by the conflicting forces.
    • Claw Island lobsters are cooked and flash-frozen as soon as they are trapped.
    • It recently began marketing 12 Garden Harvest herbs, spices, and blends that have been flash-frozen and vacuum-dried at harvest, preserving their essential oils.
    • In fact, the only good fish is one that has been netted, flayed, chopped, re-molded into a fish-shaped rectanguloid, fried, flash-frozen, shipped across the country and then re-heated to perfection.
    • Each sample was flash-frozen at - 40°C to obtain small ice crystals, warmed until all but one ice crystal had melted, and then cooled to observe the shape of the single ice crystal as it grew.