Traducción de flashback en Español:


flashback, n.

Pronunciación /ˈflaʃbak//ˈflæʃˌbæk/


Cine Literatura

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    flashback masculino
    escena retrospectiva femenino
    analepsis femenino formal
    • The movie begins at the end, telling most of the story in flashback.
    • The film unfolds in flashback and ends where it began.
    • The story is told in flashback as Will and his pregnant French wife Josephine recall the stories his father had told him all his life.
    • In a series of flashbacks, the film dramatizes the unfortunate consequences of this belief system.
    • The talk show framing device allows Ricky (hidden in the shadows) to narrate his story in flashback.
    • In prison, she tells her story, and the rest of the film proceeds in flashback.
    • In a series of scattergun flashbacks, the story of their affair emerges.
    • The film's structure is unusual - the story is presented as a series of narrated flashbacks that are often disconnected.
    • The story is narrated in flashback by Louis, in a letter written from his prison cell.
    • The story is intercut with flashbacks to earlier summers, when the sun shone and everything in the garden was lovely.
    • This is the story of their reunion, interspersed with romantically filmed speechless flashbacks.
    • The film is told in flashback and is set between 1940 and 1944.
    • It is never a good sign when a film is told in flashbacks and the same actors are playing the same roles, back and forth.
    • One option we talked about was framing the story itself in flashback with a narrator.
    • He tells his stories in a series of flashbacks, mixed in with ‘present-day’ scenes.
    • While the film's story is told in flashback, it is certainly a look forward, into the future, for its director.
    • The film works in flashback, filling in the details of the trial and the events leading up to the verdicts.
    • It's also a clever way to integrate flashbacks into the main story, effortlessly making them obvious to the audience.
    • In the film, the story's narrated through flashbacks, motivated by Stefan's reading the letter before the duel.
    • Much of the story is told in flashback, a technique that can be annoying, because it interrupts the flow of the narrative.