Traducción de flashbulb en Español:


lámpara de flash, n.

Pronunciación /ˈflaʃbʌlb//ˈflæʃˌbəlb/



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    lámpara de flash femenino
    bombilla de flash femenino
    • Practically, this means that most items will never see the light of archivists' flashbulbs.
    • How can the royal family exist in the public consciousness if not through the flashbulbs and omnipresent cameras?
    • Kristin certainly isn't shy when it comes to camera flashbulbs, but these shots seem a little too planned out to us.
    • Sources of light (the sun and other visible stars, lamps, camera flashbulbs, etc.) appear bright because the radiation that they emit enters the eye directly.
    • It is as if a flashbulb suddenly clicked brightly inside his dark, dark brain.
    • Outside, Paul could see the flashbulbs of the photographers lighting up.
    • As necks craned and flashbulbs popped, Amir emerged from behind the audience and walked through them, smiling and waving his arms.
    • He keeps this up for little more than a minute but it's more than enough time for the paparazzi flashbulbs to capture this unexpected turn of events for posterity.
    • Unfortunately, my attention is diverted to the two dozen photographers camped out below the stage; their flashbulbs pop like fireworks.
    • Then, in a move that brought the house down, she ran down the stairs and planted a kiss on his cheek as flashbulbs popped.
    • The final scene shows her stepping onto a red carpet in a blaze of paparazzi flashbulbs.
    • I did not feel that I could stand there bearing my canines for 30 seconds waiting for the flashbulbs to stop popping without melting into the floor at my own artificiality.
    • Suddenly, the door opened and O'Donoghue was lit up by the glare of flashbulbs and camera lights as he maintained his strict, heads-down position.
    • Hall opened his eyes, and instantly flashbulbs popped, blinding him momentarily.
    • Then the medal was handed over; flashbulbs popped.
    • Awaiting them at the airport last Wednesday morning was an onslaught of cameras, microphones, flashbulbs and curious reporters.
    • Therefore, a desired aesthetic goal is a face with defined planes that will reflect favourably from lights of a flashbulb, yet not look drawn.
    • This new method not only revolutionized the dangerous field of indoor photography, but also was the forerunner to photographic flashbulbs and floodlights.
    • She will face much less pressure during the next year (i.e., fewer flashbulbs popping in her face, etc.) and will now have the motivation of going in as an underdog.
    • As the flashbulbs popped excitedly around them, the pair cuddled like long-lost lovers; but it was a fleeting romance.