Traducción de flashlight en Español:


linterna, n.

Pronunciación /ˈflæʃˌlaɪt//ˈflaʃlʌɪt/



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    linterna femenino
    • The opposition group met later with candles and flashlights to select a new interim governor.
    • ‘Power outage,’ I grumbled, picking up the flashlight and drawing shapes with it on the wall.
    • Chris held up a flashlight so he could see where the hatch was.
    • If you plan to rely on flashlights or electric lanterns for emergency lighting, be sure to keep plenty of fresh batteries on hand.
    • He looked at his charts with his pen flashlight.
    • Keep a flashlight, candles and matches in the glove box.
    • Rogers, the electrician, held a flashlight in one hand and was digging through the box with the other.
    • Emily took candles, flashlights, and blankets and sat on the couch.
    • He got out the flashlight and turned it on and shone it inside.
    • The dim haze of flashlights bounced around the sharp turn in the tunnel.
    • Putting the flashlight down on the chair next to him, he pulled the painting off the wall and let it fall unceremoniously to the floor.
    • I found myself wishing for a flashlight when I distinctly heard someone or something on the path ahead.
    • They use flashlights to search the ground near buildings and streetlights.
    • Melody looked at him confused, then to her flashlight.
    • The numerous torches and flashlights held by the soldiers was a blinding sight.
    • We grabbed our flashlights and lanterns and waited to see, or hear what would be next.
    • Five barefooted girls in pajamas made their way across the street with flashlights in hand.
    • Most of us have experienced a temporary loss of electricity and know the helpless feeling of fumbling around for a flashlight or matches and candles.
    • He shines his flashlight in my eyes, twists my head and leaves.
    • Bright gas lanterns are better than flashlights.