There are 2 main translations of flat in Español

: flat1flat2


plano, adj.

Pronunciación: /flæt//flat/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (surface) plano
      (countryside) llano
      (nose) chato
      flat ground terreno llano masculino
      • they thought the earth was flat creían que la tierra era plana
      • houses with flat roofs casas con techos planos / con azoteas
      • I was flat on my back for two months (me) pasé dos meses en cama
      • I found him flat on the floor lo encontré tirado en el suelo
      • to fold sth flat doblar bien algo
      • he laid the map down flat on the table extendió el mapa sobre la mesa
      • the hurricane laid the whole town flat el huracán arrasó la ciudad
      • I lay down flat and tried to relax me tumbé / me tendí e intenté relajarme
      • he pressed flat against the wall as the police went by al pasar la policía se pegó bien a la pared
      • to leave sb flat dejar a algn tirado
      • She said all that was needed was a flat tarmacademed area.
      • The land is flat, and perhaps it's my imagination, but it appears stunted and less fertile than the hills and mountains to the north east.
      • Flanders, in contrast, is a land of flat country and few hills.
      • The flat roof in the girls toilet has fallen in so when it rains, it is flooded.
      • Some of the youngsters kicked a football at the tiled roof, while others ran along the flat part of the roof jumping from one building to the next.
      • The double-height section between the elevated bedrooms is covered with a flat glass roof.
      • The park, at the rear of the Memorial Hall car park, was opened earlier this year as an area of flat hard surface.
      • "This is probably a sedimentary rock made up of particles that have accumulated on a fairly flat surface.
      • For the cod place the rice paper sheets on a flat worksurface.
      • But a way has been found to replace the flat roof that does not interfere with the life of the school, and the work is getting on well.
      • They made their way to a large cliff where a big rock sat at the end with a flat surface.
      • Combined with replacement of the flat roof over the front of the building, it is estimated the essential repairs will cost £100,000.
      • A leaking roof can lead to damage on ceilings and walls, so it is important to replace loose or cracked slates, and get damaged material on flat roofs repaired.
      • The huts had flat roofs; some even had things on top of them.
      • Back home Harry and I returned to our window, to look out at the sad, flat landscape under a sky that was not so much leaden as plain tired.
      • Apparently the five rear seats do come out to leave a flat load area but the process is simply too much like hard work.
      • The nursery building, which was converted in the 1980s, has a flat roof that first started leaking last year.
      • The walk follows flat riverside pastures for virtually all the way, though numerous stiles and kissing gates need to be negotiated and walking boots are essential.
      • Snow lying on a flat field is fairly dormant, but snow lying on a slope is inherently alive, thanks to the pull of gravity.
      • Because of the flat terrain, a bicycle is the best form of transportation to use in the city.
      • Insulating your flat roof would be a fairly basic DIY job.
      • Most of the land is flat, barren tundra where only the top few inches of the frozen earth thaw out during the summer months.
      • Withdrawing from the edge, I ducked under the rafter of the flat roof.
      • The terrain is relatively flat, with good cycle and footpath connections to adjacent suburbs.
      • I love the wonderful flat landscape with its wide skies where so many flocks of birds fly freely.
      • Combining the three spaces involved more than removing walls and raising the kitchen's flat ceiling.
      • Water simply passes out from the wall, falls against a flat surface and trickles into a surrounding moat.
      • The city has rebuilt the flat roofs of about 2,500 houses since 2000.
      • A fruit and vegetable farm was located on the flat plains of Western Kansas.
      • The stern was dominated by a flat expanse of steel - the helicopter deck.
      • Most of the ride is on quiet roads and cycle paths over flat terrain, with the occasional gentle hill.
      • The school accused the Council of dragging its heels over a replacement for a flat roof which was constantly being patched up because of leaks.
      • Put stones in the narrow area and use flat rocks on top of them.
      • It had a large rock central to the area with a flat surface and was bathed in sunlight that had filtered through the canopy of trees.
      • They have to be level, flat and firmly secured to the picture and the wall.
      • Last year a ten-metre area of flat tarmacadam-type surface was laid down at a cost of around £4,000.
      • My creative work today was limited of course but I did manage to walk a little way up the lane to snap a photograph of the view over the flat fields I see all about me.
      • The recommendation now is to use solid black plastic under a mulch on relatively flat surfaces.
      • Then, at last, it was full steam ahead - along a broad, flat, gravel track.
      • He was standing on a flat desert plain under white clouds and blue sky.
      • The terrain was flat and unspectacular.
      • The backrest folds in an uncomplicated fashion to create a roomy and flat load area.
      • One solution would be to build a new bathroom on top of the flat roof of the kitchen extension, allowing the existing bathroom to be used to mount a staircase to the loft.
      • The flat roofs that leak need to be replaced, as do the heating system and the windows.
      • The television has a perfectly flat plasma display screen.
      • We drive through flat wastelands of scrub and dust.
      • The burglars used a nearby ladder to climb onto a flat roof before forcing open a window.
      • Once the soil is ready, he tamps the beds with a sheet of plywood so the soil is firm and flat.
      • The car usually had to be parked on a slope in order to aid ‘bump-starting’ but as the forecourt was flat, we knew that the car would need to be pushed.
      • The older parts of the university are all built of the same plain light brown brick rising in columns, with long windows between them, and simple flat roofs.
      • Temporarily prop up the two end trusses on a level, flat surface.
      • The city sits on high, flat plains 12 miles east of the Rockies.
      • The bright, flat landscape filled her view, radiant with heat.
      • It stated that the stairwell tower should be reduced in height by removing the pitched roof and replacing it with a flat roof.
      • Except for mountain chains in the north and west along the Norwegian border, the land is relatively flat.
      • This makes both surfaces as flat and even as possible, to allow for the maximum amount of contact.
      • The surrounding land is flat and open farmland surrounded by forest.
      • The animals have long sharp canines and broad flat molars that grind shells.
      • The topography of the county ranges from low rolling hills in the north to very flat terrain or gentle sloping ridges in the south.
      • In contrast, the western half of the route is nearly flat and offers long, expansive views across large sweeps of farmland.

    • 1.2

      (heels/tray) bajo
      (dish) llano
      (dish) bajo Chile
      (dish) playo Río de la Plata
      flat shoes (feminine plural) zapatillas de piso México
      • Quickly coat the orange slices in the caramel and pour on to a flat plate; act with speed otherwise the caramel will set before you can get it out of the saucepan.
      • The tube has a flat, wide cap and is meant to be stored upright.
      • She scraped her flat shoes across the ground to dislodge any stale mud and walked to the centre of the alley.
      • As I live in the country with three young children, a big dog and a pony, it has to be flat shoes or boots most of the time.
      • There are theories that men sprinting in flat shoes get out faster than women hampered by heels or waiting to help a colleague.
      • Approximately 25 cm long, the animal has a flat tail surrounded by a skin-like fin which is used for swimming.
      • She had changed from her high heels into flat tennis shoes, and wore a small shoulder purse draped over one shoulder and around her neck.
      • We followed the guide as she strode forward on her flat shoes and up the marble staircase past election posters, now already peeling after their usefulness was expended.
      • Pop a jacket over it and you could wear it to a wedding; add a knit and flat sandals, and it's good for daywear.
      • I wear flat shoes for walking to work but otherwise it's high heels.
      • In surviving examples, the handle assumes a broad flat circular shape so that the lid could be turned over and function as a bowl or plate for the food held in the container.
      • The guy with the flat cap and hearing aid was standing in the door.
      • She produced a flat black box, a little smaller than a directory.
      • The women of New York are wearing flat sandals - and looking stunning.
      • I could walk it - and wouldn't even need my flat cap and plastic mac.
      • The guitarist looks like an accountant, the drummer stands up behind his kit to play whilst wearing a flat cap.
      • Once outside, Cordelia pulled out a flat aqua cellphone, the size of a playing card when it was closed.
      • At least it's a nice purple, Grace had said with a shrug, flouncing towards the car in her nice, black dress, and flat sandals.
      • Wear thick-soled flat footwear, particularly if you'll be standing on one rung for long periods, and make sure your shoelaces are securely tied.
      • At the time she was wearing flat shoes, her work uniform and was carrying a handbag over her left shoulder.
      • An itsy-bitsy kitten heel keeps the flat shoe feeling, but give some extra lift to your step.
      • The dancers are in flat slippers, the costumes are in bold autumnal colours of magenta, orange and dark yellow, and the girls have their hair loose.
      • Swap your sensible flat shoes for heels, add a glittery scarf and statement jewellery.
      • The girl was dressed in a very long black coat and wearing a pair of white flat sandals.
      • It wasn't like this in the flat cap days of my grandfather, but I bet that even he wished that he had two tweed jackets instead of one.
      • People used to think the earth was flat and the universe revolved around it.
      • The beaver uses its flat tail to warn other beavers of danger by slapping the water surface before diving.
      • He is the old bloke with the flat cap and the transistor radio, isn't he?
      • Put the discs of cheese in a flat dish, tuck in the sprigs of thyme, the lightly crushed peppercorns and the bay leaves then pour over the olive oil.
      • Most men covered their heads with flat wool caps or skullcaps or turbans in a variety of sizes and colours.
      • So I'm standing on the platform, and I see an older guy, in quite a distinctive flat cap.
      • Connor, resplendent in blue overcoat and black flat cap, hardly stood still.
      • Apparently he left the venue wearing a flat cap.
      • If high heels are too uncomfortable, why not just wear flat shoes?
      • Although flat shoes are better for your feet because they reduce the risk of lateral ankle sprains, they also bring their own problems.
      • Outside the grand clubhouse, you almost expect chaps to be wandering around in plus-fours and flat caps.
      • His flat cap and round rimmed glasses are his trademark.
      • While you can get away with flat shoes during summer, opt for a slight heel for the colder months.
      • She walked on down the passageway, her soft flat shoes making no sound.
      • How is it that flat shoes hurt more than high heels?

    • 1.3(deflated)

      (ball) desinflado
      (ball) ponchado México
      you have a flat tire / tyre tienes un neumático desinflado / una rueda desinflada
      • we had a flat tire / tyre on the way se nos pinchó una rueda / un neumático en el camino
      • the ball/tire went flat la pelota/rueda se ponchó
      • You would not run your car with a flat tyre for twelve months without expecting further damage than the burst tyre.
      • The first warning came when I first grabbed my bike. My back tire was completely flat.
      • A woman had been driving down a freeway, and had had a flat tyre.
      • In September last year a gang of vandals left a trail of destruction in Clifton Street when residents woke up to find almost every vehicle on one side of the road had flat tyres.
      • He even rode the last 40 km of the final stage with two flat tyres.
      • He then discovered he had a flat tyre and took his car back into the garage to deal with it.
      • There is nothing you can do about a flat tyre but as a team we have very few mechanical problems as everything is checked thoroughly.
      • A youngster was left in tears after his bike was snatched as he fixed a flat tyre.
      • The guy says that he is quite happy to help and he closes his car door, the girl showing him to a nearby parking lot where her car sits on a flat tyre.
      • To take my mind off what was in store for me, I chatted to the owner of the racing bike next to mine while she efficiently changed a flat tyre tube.
      • His bike had a flat tire, but that was to be expected.
      • He was picked up because he was driving with a flat tyre.
      • Most are untaxed, others carry out-of-date tax discs and virtually all have flat tyres or have been vandalised and are obviously dumped.
      • Police believe the gunman struck last Wednesday, as the victim changed a flat tyre on his car after his colleagues had left for the day.
      • In this case, the only damage caused to the civilian was a flat tyre.
      • When they reached the jeep, Abby noticed that she had a flat tire.
      • Only a flat tyre cost them an even better result.
      • The accident expert would also investigate allegations that the bus had a flat tyre at the time of the accident.
      • He soon trades it for a mountain bike with a flat tyre and a modest handful of small gold coins.
      • On one particular trip my dad's car got a flat tyre and only just made it to the half-way stop.

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (champagne/lemonade/beer) sin efervescencia
      (champagne/lemonade/beer) sin gas
      • Another night of flat champagne, limp canapés and unfamiliar faces?
      • Melvin waved hello to her, as he sat at the table with Bill, eating cold pizza and drinking flat soda.
      • It is shockingly sweet at first - a fizzy drink gone flat in the sun.
      • She emailed me to say that they're to keep the drink from going flat.
      • My father wrapped me up in his bathrobe and I got to sit up with my parents, drink flat ginger ale and watch TV.
      • By now, Archer could be forgiven for thinking that she had earned her right to a quiet life of flat champagne and cheap shopping trips.
      • Some people make a big fuss about this stuff, which tastes like flat soda pop to me.
      • If your steak is bad or the beer is flat, you return it.
      • He took his now flat soda from his jacket and walked into the study to await Monica.
      • As saccharine as flat cola, it had an added taste of musky, dusky fruit and a hint of molasses.

    • 2.2

      (battery) descargado
      switch off or you'll get a flat battery apaga o se te va a descargar la batería
      • I went up to Church Road to retrieve my wife's car but by this time the battery had gone flat due to having the lights having been left on.
      • They charged me over £100 just to recharge a flat battery - the car broke down again on my way home but luckily on a main road near home.
      • I thought my battery was flat and got out to check the lights.
      • I grabbed the phone and realised the battery was flat; before I'd even got to the phone the car had sped away.
      • There were two smoke alarms installed in the house, but one had been disconnected and the second had flat batteries.
      • It turned out not to be a straight case of a flat battery.
      • Invariably the battery is totally flat on Monday and the car will not start.
      • The car was pushed 20-feet up the street but then abandoned with a flat battery.
      • Even to this day I cannot let a car stand for more than about 72 hours without at least starting it to make sure the battery isn't flat.
      • Bennett ends up having to turn his music down, recharge her van's flat battery, and become her reluctant carer.
      • And you know how, when the battery's flat, your car makes a dispiriting grinding noise as you try starting it?
      • Sometimes the battery was flat and needed topping up.
      • Have you noticed for example, friends and workmates asking you for their best friend's phone number because their mobile battery is flat?
      • My 1996 Mercedes suffers a flat battery in just a couple of weeks if left undriven.
      • I had some shopping to do and jumped in my vehicle only to find the battery was flat.
      • One of the most irksome things that can happen to a mobile phone user is a flat battery, and the charging devices are designed to solve the problem.
      • Booked the car in for a thorough inspection of its electrical system, following one flat battery too many.
      • There is just one small problem: the batteries have gone flat.
      • His battery went flat just before the cars were due to go on to the grid and he was forced to start from the pitlane.
      • You need to make sure everything is backed up on your home computer - a flat battery in your PDA can wipe out all your data in one go.

  • 3

    • 3.1(dull, uninteresting)

      (party/conversation) soso coloquial
      (joke) sin gracia
      (voice) monótono
      things are rather flat at the office en la oficina todo anda un poco muerto
      • she felt a bit flat estaba un tanto alicaída / baja de moral
      • to fall flat fracasar
      • the joke fell very flat el chiste no hizo ni pizca de gracia
      • At first I assumed this mix would be flat and lifeless - to my surprise it sounded far better than I was hoping.
      • The fact that Cosmos is such a classic tune makes this dull, flat rendition even more of an affront.
      • My voice was flat and expressionless, edged with steel and contempt for my enemy.
      • His voice cracked and then went flat, devoid of emotion.
      • With no special effects the soundtrack does what it needs to do, although to be honest, it sometimes sounded rather flat and dull.
      • Her voice was flat and emotionless and Ryder wanted to kick himself for making her sound like that.
      • Autumn's voice was flat, almost monotonous, but it was not uncaring.
      • She replied in a flat voice, only putting emotion into certain words.
      • Dana's feminine voice grew quite flat and emotionless, and even a little haunting.
      • That description was far too flat and emotionless and pain-free.
      • When he did at last speak, his voice was just as flat and emotionless as his eyes.
      • Her voice is flat, with a halfhearted hitch and no emotional delivery.
      • I'd feel inordinately pleased with myself were it not for the fact that the ones I spent all morning doing are rather flat and dull.
      • This Court production looks gorgeous - the costumes and set are stunning - but feels strangely flat and lifeless.
      • Her voice was flat and emotionless as she shut her eyes again, feeling cool hands and then a damp cloth on her forehead.
      • My speaking voice is rather flat, but my singing voice is good.
      • I have never seen a film where everybody is so uniformly flat.
      • His voice was flat, void of any emotion, which led Anna to wonder if he felt anything at all about his father.
      • His speech, delivered without notes, struck observers as both compassionate and professional - while the older man was dull and flat.
      • Finally he spoke in a forced casual tone, causing her to turn, making his voice as flat and uninterested as possible.

    • 3.2(sluggish)

      sales were flat during the last quarter no hubo mucho movimiento en las ventas durante el último trimestre
      • trading was flat hubo poca actividad
      • The company posted an encouraging increase in pre-tax profit even though turnover remained essentially flat.
      • Following two months of flat sales, retail spending rose by 1.3 percent in October.
      • Consumer spending may not look too resilient, given the flat performance of retail sales in October.
      • While overall world oil demand was essentially flat in 1993, demand in the Western Pacific rose four percent.
      • But sales have been flat for the embattled company, whose CEO was recently ousted.
      • Then, late last year, sales were nearly flat and actually declined in some categories.
      • The company has been in a prolonged slump, with flat sales in the United States and a stock price to match.
      • Even in years when economic growth is flat or negative, electricity consumption nearly always increases.
      • The shop's optimism is set against other major retailers' expectations for flat trading next year.
      • Here in Australia, retail sales are already flat, apparently because consumers are avoiding using their cars and staying at home.
      • Locally, hiring is expected to remain virtually flat this year.
      • Even so, its new forecast of flat prices looks plausible and matches my view.
      • The group said that despite higher volumes, the Republic of Ireland's trading profits were broadly flat in a pretty buoyant market.
      • At many companies sales are flat or down - sometimes way, way down.
      • Consumer demand is flat and business bankruptcies are rising.
      • Wage growth was essentially flat over the past year.
      • Overall sales have been flat for five years.
      • The overall level of crime is flat and shows the impact the Safer Neighbourhood Teams are having on low-level crime such as shoplifting.
      • Its sales were relatively flat in 2001, due in part to lower gasoline prices affecting its stores with fuel pumps.
      • At least, flat prices or the absence of inflation is a darn good thing for consumers.

    • 3.3(without contrast)

      (photograph/picture) sin contraste
      • Two other monitors off to one side emit changing flat colours from their screens, and a dull but insistent techno-type soundtrack.
      • His style is stark and angular, relying heavily on the use of flat colour and silhouettes.
      • I have some flat negatives that really need a tonal boost.
      • There are other panels with flat planes of tertiary colour, some with simple linear designs.
      • The textile is placed awkwardly on top of the table, creating areas of strong, flat colour and signalling Matisse's future as a painter.
      • Francis Towne was a landscape painter whose idiosyncratic style relied on economic and careful pen outlines and flat muted washes of colour.
      • The walls were more definite in their colour, more flat.
      • Time passed and the light outside remained the same flat grey as snow kept falling, icing the windows over.
      • He used bold, poster-like contrasts of form and colour, with strong black outlines and extensive areas of flat, uniform colour.
      • You sort of notice perspective and lines and flat planes of colour.
      • It was different than other tattoos in the fact that it was in metallic gold, most were done in dull flat colours.
      • Blasting the subject with a sea of light produces flat, wishy-washy photographs.
      • This photograph was flat, with very little contrast and some noticeable scratches, dust spots, pen marks and other discolorations.

  • 4

    (total, firm)
    (denial/refusal/rejection) rotundo
    (rejection/denial/refusal) categórico
    (rejection/refusal/denial) terminante
    the answer was a flat no la respuesta fue un no rotundo
    • that's flat! ¡y sanseacabó!
    • they've said they won't do it and that's flat han dicho que no lo harán y no hay vuelta de hoja
  • 5

    • 5.1(referring to key)

      A flat la bemol masculino
      • As with the sharp key signatures, there is an easy way to determine the key of a particular flat key signature.
      • Without moving up or down the fingerboard more than one fret, you should be able to pick out each successive sharp or flat key and play that Major scale.

    • 5.2(too low)

      you're flat estás desafinando por cantar / tocar demasiado bajo

  • 6

    (price/charge/rate) fijo
    (price/charge/rate) uniforme
  • 7Britanico

    (before noun) de carreras de caballos sin obstáculos
    200m flat 200m llanos Río de la Plata
  • 8

    articulada con poca tensión muscular, característica de ciertos dialectos regionales

  • 9EEUUcoloquial

    to be flat estar pelado coloquial
  • 10EEUU



  • 1

  • 2

    (turn down/refuse) de plano
    (turn down/refuse) categóricamente
    I told him flat that I would not go le dije de plano / sin más que no iba a ir
  • 3

    it took him two hours flat tardó dos horas justas / exactas
  • 4EEUUcoloquial

    (as intensifier) completamente
    see also broke
  • 5

    (play/sing) demasiado bajo


  • 1

    (of sword) cara de la hoja femenino
    (of hand) palma femenino
    I hit him with the flat of my hand le di una bofetada
  • 2

    (level ground)
    llano masculino
    terreno llano masculino
  • 3

    bemol masculino
  • 4

    bastidor masculino
  • 5

    the flat (season) temporada hípica de carreras sin obstáculos femenino
  • 6

    pinchazo masculino
    to get a flat pinchar
  • 7

    (low-lying ground) llano masculino
    (masculine plural) (sandbanks) bancos de arena
    mud flats (feminine plural) marismas
  • 8EEUU

    (masculine plural) zapatos bajos
    zapatos de taco bajo Cono Sur
    zapatos de piso México

verbo transitivo

  • 1EEUU

    bajar de tono

There are 2 main translations of flat in Español

: flat1flat2


apartamento, n.

Pronunciación: /flat//flæt/


  • 1

    apartamento masculino
    departamento masculino América Latina
    piso masculino España