Traducción de flatter en Español:


halagar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈflædər//ˈflatə/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    she was flattered by their invitation la halagó que la invitaran
    • Nothing flattered her more than compliments for her cooking.
    • On the other, she was flattered by his interest in whether or not she had a boyfriend.
    • He said it pleased him, and he was flattered not offended.
    • Patrick was flattered and pleased that his old friends had elected to let him continue to play with them.
    • I thought about it, and I talked to a number of people, and I was very flattered that people were interested in talking to me in the first place.
    • While he is flattered by such ongoing praise, he says he never tried to he a role model.
    • When I review the list of past honorees and their truly impressive contributions, I am flattered and pleased to be among them.
    • Hell, I'm too vain not to be flattered at least a little bit.
    • Sandra is unbelievably flattered by the little boy's compliment.
    • He said that he was honoured and very flattered to be chosen as the first recipient of the award.
    • Well, Jack, I am still flattered that you, of all people, would be interested in hiring me.
    • Well, I'm sure they'll be flattered to hear your compliment and congratulations.
    • It was a great honour, and I feel flattered to have been nominated.
    • Yet I knew he was pleased, flattered, captivated.
    • Admitting that he was flattered by the interest, Gerrard said: ‘I'll sit down at the end of the season and assess my future.’
    • On the one hand I'm slightly flattered by the attention and pleased that the writing here is giving someone pleasure.
    • She says that in a society where the female image is so important, it's difficult for women not to be at least partially flattered by such attention.
    • He should be at least a little flattered.
    • But even so, I'm pleased and flattered, and very slightly embarrassed.
    • There may also be an aspect of creative and spiritual growth for you here since you feel flattered to be chosen for this honour.
  • 2

    • Yet it is the Britons who Greene has good-naturedly fussed over and flattered this season, praising their potential and pointing out the danger they pose him in Sydney.
    • Time to flatter her then, and get her back to at least friendship.
    • Yes, that possibility is something I wondered about when men flattered me with comments about being cute, sweet and sexy.
    • An assistant professor of creative writing at Columbia University told Time magazine that he flatters his students in order to guarantee favorable evaluations.
    • Remember, when you compliment the trainee you also flatter the person who trained them.
    • He flatters him to his face and steals from behind his back.
    • He took interest in what I did, went out of his way to please me, flatter me, and just talk to me; he would truly listen to what I had to say.
    • And he flatters the mother and she kind of gets prissy and he talks her into going for a ride in the sports car.
    • Alex told me that Benny tried to flatter Alex into appearing in porno movies.
    • He then went on to flatter them further by complimenting their car parks.
    • He does not flatter me with compliments, which I know cannot be genuine.
    • He managed the nobility by honouring and flattering them.
  • 3

    (show to advantage)
    the photo doesn't flatter her no ha salido favorecida / bien en la foto
    • this dress flatters her figure este vestido la favorece
    • Rembrandt never flattered his sitters Rembrandt nunca embellecía / idealizaba a sus modelos
    • He did look awfully good; a slight beach tan definitely flattered his appearance.
    • Take note of styles that flatter and fit your shape.
    • It's important to choose a dress style which will flatter everyone's figure.
    • There's something about that turned-up collar and the cinched in waist and the shape of a trench coat that flatters every single woman.
    • As a result, decide on some basic pieces of jewelry that will flatter all of your clothing and travel with those.
    • This shade of blue flatters almost any skin tone and is fiercely hot right now.
    • And I can't help but notice how the survival/fashion gear flatters her.
    • Choosing the right colour is also essential if you want to flatter your natural skin tone.
    • The empire line is back in vogue after several decades, but it has always been a great style to flatter any figure.
    • Choose a shape that flatters your figure and a colour that suits your skin, eyes and hair.
    • Allow your child to try on different clothing styles until she finds what flatters her or suits her personality.
    • He knows what cut and colour suit him best - like pink, because it flatters his skin tone.
    • On the eyes choose shades that flatter your complexion, such as chocolate, rich brown, caramel and toast.
    • Television flatters men but makes women look fatter, according to research reported yesterday.
    • Try the following styles, proven to flatter your body type.
    • It's a good style because it flatters lots of hair and face types.
    • She was wearing a turquoise suit that flattered her dark complexion.
    • You made sure your hair was combed to perfection, you wore your best sweater (in the color that really flatters your eyes), and even made sure to match.
    • When you really want to flatter your eyes, go for sheer, neutral shadow colors like beige or pale banana-yellow.
    • Layered shaggy styles flatter the pear shape face.

verbo reflexivo

  • 1

    (like to think)
    I flatter myself on being a good singer me considero un buen cantante
    • they flatter themselves that their deliveries always arrive on time se precian / se enorgullecen de cumplir siempre con la fecha de entrega
  • 2

    (delude oneself)
    don't flatter yourself that you're indispensable no te hagas ilusiones: no eres imprescindible