Traducción de flattop en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈflætˌtɑp///


  • 1

    corte (de pelo) a lo cepillo masculino
    corte (de pelo) de cepillo masculino
    • His hair was in a flat-top with the front part slicked up like a tailfin on a Cadillac.
    • The two younger tattooists are both short and wide with flat-tops.
    • He's wiry, he wears a goatee and a flattop, he's got a ready smile and a quick wink and, yeah, I suppose he has opinions.
    • In eighth-grade, one of my classmates got a flattop.
    • The children were allowed to drink sodas for breakfast and this seemed as exotic to me as Elwin's silver flattop and the red bow ties he customarily wore.
    • Irreverent commentary is as much a characteristic trait of Duke as his razor edged flattop, and he hasn't lost any of his will to communicate his intent.
    • Apparently Pop is sold on growing his hair out from the flattop we're all used to, into some kind of feathered, curling-in-the-back thing.
    • A flat-top modified by blow-dried wings of hair is a good start.
    • At a time when the flattop represented the American male ideal, the rockabillies wore coiffures worthy of French royalty.
    • I was at a large, mostly punk house-party when a nervous-looking kid with a flat-top showed up.