Traducción de flaunt en Español:


hacer ostentación de, v.

Pronunciación /flɑnt//flɔnt//flɔːnt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (possessions/money) hacer ostentación de
    (money/possessions) hacer alarde de
    (knowledge) alardear de
    (knowledge) hacer alarde de
    to flaunt oneself exhibirse
    • Yet what is clear from the very first page is that here is a writer of high intelligence (always much brighter than even her sharpest characters though she never flaunts it), who is exercising restraint.
    • It flaunts its disdain for democracy and gets away with it.
    • It flaunts its power to bar people from flights.
    • It's open late, it flaunts its exclusivity and it gets regular plugs in the gay press (so it's a club).
    • In its sentiments Pouncey's novel flaunts psychotherapy as a fashionable accessory, the sharing of confidences (already grasped before they are spelt out) over the tinkle of fine teacups.
    • In all the shoots, she flaunts designer wear, including jewellery and fabulous clothes.
    • Photographer Colin Jones flaunts a life story that is a picture in itself.
    • What most people seem to be missing, however, is that he's still not much more than a glorified landlord who crassly flaunts his wealth in front of the unwashed American underclasses.
    • Ruppert claims to represent neither right nor left and flaunts his background as a police detective to refute accusations that he gets a bit carried away in his conclusions.
    • Sure, she had been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she didn't brag about it or flaunt her money.
    • Smart lads, they hadn't flaunted the loot, bragged about the heist, or written a rap song memorializing the event.
    • He flaunts his riches like everyone in the business.
    • Government after government flaunts its green credentials while the countryside is becoming so poisoned that whole species of wildlife are vanishing.
    • We are eager to flaunt every new gadget we buy but are yet to learn the basic rules to be followed while using it.
    • To round off the festivities, there were models flaunting designer wears during the fashion parade.
    • She not only openly flaunts her unearned wealth, but also uses her assets to seize eyeballs from her less fortunate sisters.
    • Thus today one flaunts a G-string as if it were a Victoria Cross.
    • They are big brash symbols of conspicuous consumption, a way for flash men and women with a lot of cash to flaunt their wealth.
    • It is not just about owning the painting and flaunting it but more about displaying it with style and the right interiors.
    • Even though every magazine and ad flaunts naked bodies, the film industry is oddly intimidated by bodies - in motion, or still.