Hay 2 traducciones principales de fleet en Español

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flota, n.

Pronunciación /flit//fliːt/


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    • 1.1(naval unit)

      flota femenino
      • The comte de Rochambeau had already begun planning for a siege at Yorktown when he requested assistance from the commander of the French fleet in the Caribbean.

    • 1.2(navy)

      armada femenino

    • 1.3(body of shipping)

      flota femenino
      the merchant/whaling fleet la flota mercante/ballenera
      • The name comes from a hurricane that struck the area in 1715, wrecking a fleet of Spanish treasure ships en route from Havana to Spain.
      • We will sail in a fleet of five ships; the Conquest, Avenger, Illusion, Sea Queen, and Voyager.
      • It seems that in 1678 the French planned to attack the Dutch with a fleet of 20 ships.
      • Holland America Cruise has a fleet of 12 luxury ships sailing to all the continents across more than 280 ports.
      • Again the screen flickered, changing the view to a fleet of magnificent shimmering ships.
      • Although he also created advertisements and logos and executed historical murals for public schools and a fleet of cruise ships, he did little easel painting.
      • The Big Ship, Reynard, was the largest in the fleet of appropriated sailing ships that Claw's organization was running.
      • Moore talks of spearheading ‘the new cavalry’, which means a fleet of helicopter gun ships.
      • The bad weather has hampered the work of a fleet of clean-up ships which have been sent by countries from around Europe.
      • In July 1497 Vasco da Gama left Lisbon with 170 men in a fleet of four heavy ships, each carrying 20 guns and a variety of trade goods.
      • From evidence found at the site, a fleet of 120 Viking ships occupied the Woodstown site about 812.
      • In 1588 the world's most powerful empire launched a fleet of ships against a small maritime nation.
      • Through viticultural enterprise, the monastery became extremely powerful, owning a fleet of ships which sailed the Rhine.
      • Among the ships are a fleet of wooden steamships, built to serve in World War I but then abandoned and brought here to be salvaged.
      • At the same time, they sent a fleet of 100 ships to the Peloponnese.
      • He met what he supposed was a fleet of Norse trading ships and directed the sailors to the nearby royal estate.
      • Where it once had a fleet of 15 ships, it now has three, with another ship being reactivated later this year.
      • A fleet of thirteen ships and over 36,000 troops set forth for Alexandria, at the mouth of the Nile, in June 1798, conquering Malta on the way.
      • This time, he captained a fleet of four ships and was charged with finding a westward sea passage to East Asia.
      • In 1210, he invaded Ireland with a fleet of 700 ships carrying his feudal host and a force of Flemish mercenaries.

  • 2

    parque móvil masculino
    flota femenino
    • At lunchtime on August 15, radar operators near Scarborough picked up signals from a fleet of German aircraft heading over the North Sea.
    • A fleet of 87 buses operated there when it closed in January, 1986.
    • It's not a very big airline (a fleet of 56 aircraft) yet it manages fatal crash after fatal crash.
    • Indeed a number of councils have considered operating their own vehicle fleets in order to undermine the market strength of the powerful bus groups.
    • We operate a fleet of six aircraft; one of which is used as a dedicated stand-by aircraft.
    • The US operates a fleet of more than 15,000 aircraft, including 20 stealth bombers in service.
    • It consists of 5,000 trained volunteer men and women and maintains a fleet of over 130 vehicles and ambulances.
    • The airline now operates with a fleet of 367 aircraft, 6 fewer than last year.
    • Kent ambulance service has denied it is running a fleet of dirty vehicles after a report criticised cleaning procedures.
    • It operates a modern fleet of 21 aircraft, linking destinations in north and central Italy with airports in Germany and other European countries.
    • A fleet of vehicles would be at the disposal of every booking office for instant pickup and delivery, he added.
    • The company is now conducting a review of all its operations which include 33 tour operators, 3,600 travel agents and a fleet of 83 aircraft.
    • A fleet of vintage vehicles form the centre of attraction.
    • It operates a fleet of 13 Boeing 737-300s, and employs around 650 people.
    • This county's brigade currently relies on a fleet of 24 vehicles, many of which are more than 20 years old.
    • The sirens have been fitted to 18 ambulances and 10 other emergency vehicles out of a fleet of 50 vehicles.
    • How would you operate a fleet of large, sophisticated aircraft?
    • Today it is regarded as one of the best equipped, most efficient and most economical in the country with a fleet of 24 vehicles.
    • It has a fleet of 28 aircraft and transports 6.6 million passengers a year.
    • A fleet of 150 vehicles will be set up in West Yorkshire with about eight of them expected to be allocated to Bradford within 12 months.

Hay 2 traducciones principales de fleet en Español

: fleet1fleet2


veloz, adj.



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    raudo literario
    fleet of foot de pies ligeros literario