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flamenco, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈflɛmɪʃ//ˈflɛmɪʃ/


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    flamenco masculino
    • He said his wife was delirious and speaking in Flemish.
    • Languages of source texts include not only French and Italian, Latin and Greek, but Arabic, Dutch, Flemish, Hebrew, Portuguese, Slavonian, Spanish, Turkish, and Welsh.
    • He hasn't picked up French or Flemish despite living in Belgium for three years.
    • In response to increasing protests from the Flemish population, Flemish was accepted as an equal official language to French in 1922.
    • How does translation into English affect the meaning of documents originally in Flemish or Dutch or German or Latin?
    • Dutch is also the official language in Flandres, Belgium, where it is called Flemish.
    • Another is that the enemy consisted not only of the French but of native speakers of Flemish who supported the French crown.
    • Moving clockwise round France, other regional tongues included Flemish, Alsatian, Franco-Provençal, Corsican, Catalan, Basque, Gascon, and Breton.
    • Ordinarily, a specific request is made, such as inquiring if a text in Polish could be translated into Flemish, for example.
    • My father went directly from being a buck private in basic training to Master Sergeant in an intelligence position because he could speak French, Flemish, and German.
    • English is widely spoken although the official Belgian languages are French and Flemish, a Dutch-related language similar to Afrikaans.
    • Also, in the case of German, you'll find yourself able to understand and be understood in Dutch and Flemish, as well as possibly a little Danish & (less so) other Scandinavian languages.
    • Those residing in northern Belgium speak Flemish, which is derived from Dutch and German.
    • The one great handicap for Dutch in the south was that the majority of the Dutch-speaking population spoke a dialect of the language, in other words, a form of Flemish.
    • Several million people in Languedoc spoke variants of Occitan; Flemish was spoken in the north-east; German in Lorraine.
    • I tell you, when I hear all these guys chatting away in Flemish interspersed with the names of various models of firearm, then I have some hope of understanding the Flemish.
    • The closest relatives to this language are Flemish, Dutch, and the Plattdeutsch dialects still spoken Germany's Rhineland.
    • Prince Philippe, during a press conference to mark the birth spoke French and fluent Flemish.
    • The language spoken in Flanders is Dutch, which is commonly called Flemish.
    • The site appears in a choice of languages - French, German, Dutch and Flemish - as well as English, representing countries were Portakabin has major outposts.
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    the Flemish los flamencos
    • He thinks little of the Italians and Flemish and still less of the Germans.
    • The left section comprised mainly of Bretons, the central section were Norman under Willliam's command and the right section was made up of the French and Flemish.
    • There is no such thing as plagiarism in politics and this is where the experience of the Basques, Catalans and Flemish over 25 years may be helpful.
    • And it is true of most non-immigrant national minorities, like the Québécois, Flemish, or Catalans.
    • But, then, the thought quickly follows, as perhaps it did for the Flemish: Who are we to be smug and judgmental?
    • The incidence of public violent crime is comparatively low among the Flemish.
    • Edward's response was to join forces with the Flemish in 1337 and this was the principal cause of the war.